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Accommodations Test Centre (ATC)

The Accommodations Test Centre is planning for a January 2022 opening. Information related to the ATC launch will be sent out to students and instructors in November 2021.

The University of Regina's Accommodations Test Centre (ATC) provides a centralized location for students registered with the Centre for Student Accessibility to write their exams. The ATC aims to provide a consistent testing environment to ensure that all students requiring accommodations are supported in their academic pursuits.

Information about the Centre:

  • A combination of shared and private exam rooms housing 60 workstations.
  • Dual monitors in all test spaces.
  • 11 private exam rooms, which will include text to speech and speech to text software.
  • 11 shared exam rooms.
  • Readers and scribes available as needed.

All quizzes, test, and final exams, that do not require specialized lab space, can be booked in the ATC.

All exams administered in the ATC will be monitored via closed circuit video surveillance.