Application Information

The deadline for Fall 2023 applications is Monday, May 1.

Application Process

  1. Application: When there is a call for applications, potential applicants complete a Campus For All Application for Admission Package. These forms are to be submitted to the Campus For All office.
  2. Based on suitability, the top-ranked applicant(s) will be interviewed.  
  3. Offer of Admission OR Conditional Admission: The selected applicant will receive an offer of admission package by mail OR an Offer of Conditional Admission by mail.
    1. If you receive an Offer of Admission, the package will clearly state that the Offer of Admission must be confirmed/accepted by the student.
    2. If you receive an offer of Conditional Admission, you must confirm/accept the offer based on your ability to meet the specified conditions. An Offer of Conditional Admission is based on whether the individual or family can obtain required supports (that are not offered within CFA). Some examples of supports are home care, or one-to-one personal support, etc.  
  4. Accepting the offer: The individual must accept the offer by the deadline indicated or the admission may be revoked. The offer package includes the confirmation form and instructions on accepting the offer.
  5. Meet with our staff: Once an individual has confirmed the Offer of Admission s/he will be contacted by the CFA office to arrange for a meeting to discuss next steps.