Eligibility (236KB) pdf icon  to apply to Campus For All is based on:

  • 18 years of age by the time fall semester starts       
  • Having an intellectual disability (self-defined)* + (See Note)
  • Not meeting University of Regina general admission criteria (e.g. has been enrolled in a high school special education program that does not lead to completion of a regular high school diploma)
  • Being motivated to become a student at the University of Regina (e.g. wants to be engaged in a program of study offered by the U of R)
  • Being curious and interested in learning
  • Being willing to make Campus For All a priority for four years
  • Having resources available to meet support requirements (e.g. homecare, personal support, etc.)
  • Having the support and interest of friends/family/or others 
  • Having a demonstrated commitment to an inclusive life in the community (e.g. desire to live and work in community, not in segregated settings)

Eligibility and selection are not based on the level or complexity of the disability, reading, math or other skills.  This being said it is important that students are able to be independent and to navigate campus on their own.


* It is generally agreed that an intellectual disability originates before age 18 and is characterized by limitations in both:

  • Cognitive functioning (such as learning, reasoning, problem solving, and planning)
  • Adaptive behaviour (such as conceptual skills, social skills, and practical skills)

+Campus For All reserves the right to request documentation regarding the intellectual disability, including a clinical diagnosis by a registered psychologist.