Campus For All Orientation Activities

The orientation offered by CFA overlaps with and is complementary to that offered by the University of Regina through the:

  • Student Services Showcase
  • Spring Open House  
  • Pre-Orientation
  • New Student Orientation
  • Welcome Week (URSU)

Campus For All students and their parents are encouraged to take part in all of the above activities.   

Campus For All Orientation

Campus For All orientation provides students with CFA-specific information and the opportunity to:

  • Get to know one another (staff, students and families)
  • Meet other students and begin building new friendships
  • Become familiar with the Campus for All program, staff and expectations
  • Learn more about social and recreational opportunities on campus 
  • Take care of some practical details, like:
    • getting a locker
    • class selection and registration
    • UR Self-Serve, UR Courses, and webmail
    • student number
    • student ID
Campus For All Orientation is not a “one time” experience but may be on-going throughout the first semester and years to come.