What is the role of CFA Staff?   

The role of Campus For All staff is to support everyone involved with this unique service initiative. They do this by:

  • facilitating students’ relationship with instructors, peers and tutors
  • modifying and adapting course material, including exams and assignments
  • addressing concerns of students, tutors, instructors, or family 

What kind of support is available? 

Just like many other university students, students in Campus For All rely on the support of others – staff, classmates, tutors, study buddies and study groups to enhance their academic success.

Campus For All staff recruit individuals to fill the following roles:

Student peers

  • Provide a familiar face in class
  • Introduce student to classmates
  • Share notes
  • Invite to study group


  • Facilitate learning by working on readings and assignments
  • Meet formally once or twice a week with CFA student

Social Peers

  • Go to the gym, the Owl, etc.
  • Eat lunch or go for coffee
  • Attend campus events
  • Hang out

While there is lots of interaction with other students, students in Campus For All are not always accompanied by someone else. They have to be able to find their own way around campus, and to keep busy or find things to do before and after class and between various activities.

Get Involved

Are you a peer student interested in being involved with the Campus For All program? Contact us to find out about available opportunities:

Coordinator Faith Savarese 306-585-5067

Educational Facilitator

Peco Nagai 306-585-5070

Employment Broker

Miranda Klinger tbd