Registering with Student Accessibility

Step 1: Obtain Documentation


For Learning Disabilities/ADHD/ADD/Autism:

If you have a diagnosed Learning Disability, please provide a copy of an assessment report completed by a Registered Psychologist. Whenever possible, the assessment report should be completed within the last 7 years or at the age of 18 or older. If you do not have a recent assessment or have never been assessed before, please contact Student Accessibility for more information. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, you may provide an assessment report or have your health professional complete the Disability Verification Form. The cost of obtaining documentation is covered by the student.
Please note that the University of Regina does not provide educational assessments at this time.

For Other Disabilities/Illnesses/Injuries (Permanent or Temporary):

Please have your doctor or an appropriate licensed health care professional complete our Disability Verification Form, or write a signed letter outlining the nature of your disability and the impact that it has on your learning and daily functioning. The Disability Verification Form must be completed by a third-party licensed health care professional. 

If you are a student who requires accommodations based on religion, family status, or gender identity, please contact Student Accessibility at to discuss the next steps.

Step 2: Submit Your Accommodation Request Form


Once you have the appropriate documentation, please upload it when you submit your Accommodation Request Form here: submit this form at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. You should receive an automatic email reply with information on your next steps.

Important message for Nursing students:

After submitting the above form, your next step is to contact Sask Polytech Accessibility Services to create an accommodation plan. Nursing students are not required to book an appointment with U of R Student Accessibility. Here is the link o the Sask Polytech website:

Step 3: Book an Intake Appointment


Please book an appointment with an Accessibility Officer to discuss your needs and create an accommodation plan. To book an appointment, please email or phone 306-337-2200, and provide your full name, Student ID, phone number, and availability for an appointment. Appointments can be completed in-person, over the phone, or virtually.