Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

  • Provide documentation about your disability and/or health condition from a licensed health professional stating the impact of disability and recommendations for support.

  • If you require accommodations based on family status, religion, or gender identity, please contact Student Accessibility to discuss what may be required.

  • Regularly check your uregina email, Accommodate account, and UR Courses for accommodation notifications and Student Accessibility and instructor communication. You can set up webmail forwarding to have uregina emails sent to another account (i.e. gmail).

  • Maintain communication with your Accessibility Officer. If issues/concerns arise throughout the term, please contact Student Accessibility as soon as possible. We may be aware of services or resources that could be of assistance.

  • Adhere to all University of Regina policies and procedures for accessing supports and services.

  • Self-advocate for your needs, with support when required.

  • Participate fully and actively in the accommodation process through the following actions:

    • Submit an Accommodation Letter request through Accommodate for each term in which accommodations are needed.

    • Contact instructors after receiving Accommodation Letters to discuss needs/arrangements for the term, and follow up with instructors throughout the term as necessary.

    • Monitor the effectiveness of your accommodations and contact Student Accessibility with any concerns in a timely manner.

    • Contact Student Accessibility if you are requiring accommodations in an internship, work placement or practicum.