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Assistive Technology

The Centre for Student Accessibility offers the following technology-related services and support:

  • Individual technology assessment
  • Assistance with disability-related grant applications
  • Assistive technology training
  • Access to an assistive technology lab located in RC 251
  • Short term equipment loans

Commonly Used Equipment and Software

  • Notebooks or Tablet PCs
    • Depending upon your individual requirements a desktop, notebook, or tablet is recommended.
  • Recording Devices
    • Smartpen by Livescribe enables the user to record lecture notes while writing. The user can then listen to any section by touching the pen to corresponding handwriting or diagrams. This information can also be uploaded to a laptop and expanded on through the Livescribe desktop.
  • Screen Readers
    • ZoomText enlarges text and allows documents to be read aloud.
    • Jaws for Windows reads information web applications, Microsoft Office documents, and other information on a computer screen aloud.
    • CCTV or Video Magnifier projects a magnified image of textbooks and written documents.
  • Text to Speech Software and Devices
    • Kurzweil 1000/3000 Kurzweil 1000 reads electronic text aloud and is used by students with visual impairments. Kurzweil 3000 provides reading, writing, and study skills solutions which can be helpful to students who have learning disabilities and/or attention issues.
    • Clarospeak is simple yet advanced. It can be downloaded from any computer that has Google Chrome and is a super lite software to run, so it doesn't slow your computer down. It will read PDFs and Word Docs to you or you can copy and paste and type anything into its text box area.
    • Natural Reader can be accessed from any web browser and is as easy as drag the document you want to be read into its drop box.
    • C-Pen is a portable scanning tool that students can use to read printed text or obtain definitions of words.
  • Speech to Text Software
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking converts the spoken words to text. It has an accuracy rate of up to 99% with training. The program can be used in writing documents, emails, and instant messages.
    • Clarospeak can also be used to change what you dictate into text.
    • &Ava breaks down communication barriers between the deaf and hearing worlds. It allows a user to read a real time trancript of the conversation with people around them.
  • U of R Recommended Organizational and Notetaking Apps