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Registering with the CSA

When to Register

New students are advised to register with the office once they are admitted to University and have chosen their classes. Early registration ensures supports are in place by the start of the semester. Any student with a newly diagnosed disability is eligible to register with CSA at any point in the semester.

Step 1: Obtain Professional Verification

All students requesting accommodation must have documentation of permanent or temporary disability.

For a Learning Disability

Please bring a copy of an assessment completed by a registered psychologist that has been completed within the last five years. The report must clearly indicate a learning disability. If you do not have a recent assessment or have never been assessed before and are having difficulty, contact the CSA for information on how to be assessed.

For Other Disabilities/Illnesses

Have your doctor, or appropriate attending professional, complete our Verification Form (64.7 KB) pdf icon, or write a letter outlining the nature of your disability/diagnosis, and the impact that it has on your learning and daily functioning.

Step 2: Intake and Registration Appointment

Once you have your documentation, make an appointment with an Accessibility Advisor. Your Advisor will work with you to determine appropriate academic accommodations and services. Phone intake appointments can be scheduled for off-campus students, when necessary. To get a head start, print and complete an Intake form to bring to your appointment.