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Accommodation Letter Request

Accommodation letters are issued for each term on a case-by-case basis. Accommodation letters can typically be requested 2 weeks prior to the start of classes each term. In order for your accommodation letters to be generated and issued to your instructors, you must request them every term by submitting a Letter Request through Accommodate. Instructions on how to submit are found here (large text instructions). Please request your accommodation letters prior to the beginning of classes whenever possible, and always before the Grade of W drop date(s). Letters requested after this date will not be sent to instructors.

Note: If you add a class after you submit a letter request, you will need to submit another through Accommodate for the added class.
Once your accommodation letters have been issued each term, you have the following responsibilities to ensure that your accommodation needs are met:
  1. Contact each of your instructors to ensure they received a copy of your letter and to have a discussion about your relevant needs for the term.
  2. Inform the Centre for Student Accessibility of any issues with letters or missing letters.
  3. Monitor your University of Regina e-mail, Accommodate account, and UR Courses for important information regarding your accommodations.
  4. Contact the Centre for Student Accessibility and your instructors immediately if you have any difficulties regarding your accommodations.
  5. Fully and actively participate in the accommodation process, and adhere to all University of Regina policies and procedures.
IMPORTANT: Deadlines for Exam Accommodation Requests
It is important that your instructors have sufficient notice to make exam arrangements. In order to guarantee that exam accommodations are in place, you must request your accommodation letter and have discussed your needs with your instructors at least 1 week (7 days) in advance. Requests made after this deadline may be attempted, but cannot be guaranteed by the Centre for Student Accessibility.