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Department of International Languages

Speaking more than one language is commonplace in three quarters of the world. Learning a second or third major language brings with it undeniable advantages, both in terms of career enhancement and in terms of personal growth. In Saskatchewan, where international business with Asia, Europe and South America is thriving, employers look favourably upon prospective employees with foreign language skills. On a personal level, being able to communicate in another language brings us greater cross-cultural understanding and increases our potential to be wiser and more informed global citizens. Likewise, the study of any language involves learning about other cultures, and in doing so, gaining new insights into our own.

The Department of International Languages at the University of Regina offers certificates in Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

The Department of International Languages offers a range of language courses that stress both spoken and written skill as well as intercultural awareness. Some courses deal with culture and civilization and others cover the language of trade and commerce. Literature courses look at texts that challenge and expand our understanding of what it means to be a human being at the beginning of the 21st century. Elective courses in our certificate programs can include courses in other disciplines, such as history, political science, philosophy, music, and art.

Students in the Department of International Languages not only gain language proficiency skills, they also gain a knowledge and appreciation of cultural diversity that positions them well for living and working in today's globalized world.

Spanish Placement Testing

Students with prior experience in Spanish (high school or other study, family back ground, or any other experience) must consult with the Department of International Languages to determine appropriate course placement before registering in SPAN 111.

Contact Us

Department of International languages

University of Regina
Administration-Humanities Building 410
3737 Wascana Parkway
Regina SK S4S 0A2
Phone: 306-585-4333

Department Head

Dr. Ian Coulson

By studying another language, its culture and history, I feel like my horizons have really been broadened. It’s almost like growing a new set of eyes to see the world with.
Kristy Sigmeth
Bachelor of Arts with a Major in German

International Experience

Studying or working abroad can give students the opportunity to immerse themselves more fully in a language and culture. Such immersion can rapidly increase language proficiency and cultural understanding. Likewise, students who take part in study abroad often gain valuable life experience and networking contacts that can give them in edge in today's competitive and globalized job market.
  • Exchange program with Jiliang University
  • Exchange program with Shandong University in Jinan
  • Exchange program with Central University of Nationalities in Beijing
  • Exchange program with Nankai University
  • Study tour in China: Hands on China
  • Co-op program in China

For more information on study abroad opportunities, contact Dongyan Blachford.

  • Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
  • Tenri University
  • Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  • Tsuru University
  • Kyoto Koka University (summer program only)

For more information on study abroad opportunities, contact Tomoko Lamb.

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