TEDxRegina hosted at U of R

By Natalie Tomczak Posted: June 1, 2015 6:00 a.m.

Set for their 'TED Talk.'  Dr. Amber Fletcher (l) and Dr. Chris Street (r).
Set for their 'TED Talk.' Dr. Amber Fletcher (l) and Dr. Chris Street (r). Photo by Trevor Hopkin - U of R Photography.

The University of Regina is hosting the fourth annual TEDxRegina event at the University Theatre, June 2. The program features six local speakers, two of which are University professors. The theme for this year is Provoke (something good).

Presenting for the U of R is Dr. Amber Fletcher, Assistant Professor from the Department of Sociology and Social Studies and Dr. Chris Street, Associate Professor (Entrepreneurship) from the Faculty of Business Administration. Their presentations are based on either an on-going project or from teaching a class over the last few years.

“Developing this talk has been challenging, in a good way,” says Dr. Fletcher. “TED talks are different from what many academics are accustomed to. The talks are about thinking very broadly and philosophically to challenge the audience, to make them think differently about the world but to do this in 18 minutes or less is particularly challenging.”

Dr. Fletcher’s research examines how climate change and major policy changes affect women in agriculture. Her presentation entitled, “Gender inequality is showing up....in climate change” will focus on her conversations with farm women and how they experience climate-related extremes.

“A key aspect of the talk is valuing their expertise and challenging the invisibility of farm women as key contributors to agriculture,” says Dr. Fletcher.

Dr. Street teaches entrepreneurship and negotiation courses at the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business. His talk, entitled, “Just because it's good for us doesn't mean we'll do it” is based on a business ethics class he teaches.

“I think the topic will be relatable,” says Dr. Street. “I’ve been working on this for several years, never far from my mind because it’s interesting to see how people react to what goes on around them.”
Here are the other speakers at TEDxRegina: 
-Jeff Dudar, who earned his Masters of Arts in Sociology (’09) at the U of R. He’s now Manager of Community-Partner Services with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice.

-Jennifer Barrett, Senior Planner at the City of Regina.

-Andrew Rathwell, owner of Local and Fresh.
-Stephen Hall, Brown Communications Group.

TEDxRegina is a locally organized version of the popular TED Talks series which has been around for more than two decades. Its motto is “ideas worth spreading.’ The speakers come from various backgrounds with the hope their message will inform and inspire.
Here's more information on Tedx and TED.

Event:      TEDxRegina
Date:       June 2
Time:       1 p.m.
Location:  University Theatre – U of R

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