Excellence in Research Award for Engineering Professor

Posted: June 25, 2015 6:00 a.m.

Dr. Gordon Huang
Dr. Gordon Huang (Photo - U of R Photography)

Dr. Gordon Huang, professor of engineering at the University of Regina, has received the University of Regina Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Research in recognition of his ground-breaking work in environmental engineering.

Dr. Huang’s work in the areas of water resources and climate modelling has not only affected the research of other environmental engineers but everyday citizens by shaping environmental policies in Canada and beyond.

As one of his public policy colleagues explained, Dr. Huang has a strong “desire to find a way to give back to his home province.” Through his research, Dr. Huang has formed partnerships in industry with major national and provincial companies, and his “pioneering” research has led to innovative solutions to complex problems.

Dr. Huang has been a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair since 2003, and he is executive director of the Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities at the University of Regina. He has penned over 700 peer-reviewed international journal papers, supervised more than 100 graduate students, and received over 150 research grants and contracts. His research has resulted in seven Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada Strategic Grants in addition to more than ten other NSERC grants.

University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Vianne Timmons noted that Dr. Huang’s award reminds us of the importance of research not only to the University, but to the greater community.

“Dr. Huang’s research is, to say the least, far-reaching and prolific. It is an example of how research improves the lives of Canadians and influence governments to adopt better policies.”

The University of Regina and the University of Regina of Alumni Association have collaborated each year since 1990 to celebrate the achievements of our most accomplished faculty in the areas of teaching, research, service and graduate research mentorship.