Summer Jobs: Annette Revet, Executive Director, University Governance and University Secretary

By Dale Johnson Posted: August 10, 2015 6:00 a.m.

Annette Revet’s summer jobs provided training for her future career.
Annette Revet’s summer jobs provided training for her future career. Photo courtesy of Annette Revet.

This is part of a series in which some leaders at the University of Regina talk about their summer jobs.  

What was your best summer job and why?

I worked at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, and I loved working with water, the clean environment, and it was relevant to my chosen profession of becoming a future chemist. I was there the summer they installed the carbon filtration plant and the year that we had prairie fires around Buffalo Pound.

What was your worst summer job and why?

I can't say that I had a “worst” summer job. My Dad loved having his daughters clear land to build our future cottage, which meant hauling rocks, weeding, planting trees, and so on. The bonus was that at the end of the work day at the cottage, we would go water skiing!

What was your most interesting summer job and why?

I worked in the lab at Avonlea minerals. They were great people, it was a fun environment, a small team, and my first experience car pooling. When done in the lab, I would help load the odd truck and I was also allowed to climb to the top of the silos. And, I learned to play cribbage at lunch time.

What was your most unusual summer job and why?

I did two work terms as an office assistant at the Red Cross. In that role, I was responsible for Milky Way runs for milk shakes at coffee time for the entire office. I also was not super challenged in the office – they couldn't keep me busy enough.  I desperately wanted to enjoy the summer days – it was a summer when the weekdays were beautiful and there was rain every weekend – so I volunteered to cut the grass, which they let me do for the whole summer.