Just What Was Said: Words of wisdom from honorary degree recipients

By Dale Johnson Posted: October 20, 2015 2:00 p.m.

Jack MacKenzie told graduates that people need a sense of belonging and need to be loved.
Jack MacKenzie told graduates that people need a sense of belonging and need to be loved. Photo courtesy of Rae Graham - U of R Photography.

Jack Mackenzie - teacher, administrator, innovator and volunteer:

This afternoon unquestionably represents the culmination of my career, and I want to sincerely thank the University of Regina. I also want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my wonderful friends who have come here today to honour me.  

Now, a few words to pass on to the graduates: first, congratulations to each of you on your convocation.  

In Jack Mackenzie Elementary School here in Regina, we celebrate two themes that permeate much of what we do. The first is “random acts of kindness” where pupils get involved in projects that help the needy. The pupils find out that they are at their best when they are kind to others.  Our second theme is the “joy of effort” – the satisfaction and joy that comes from doing our very best. Both of these themes can extend indefinitely as we all go through life.

I have observed over the years two great universal needs of all people: first, a sense of belonging, and second, the need to be loved.  

A motto that has served me well throughout my life is this: go with your heart and do not be distracted by either money or lifestyle!

May this coming year – and years – bring you wonderful opportunities; what you do with them is up to you! Good wishes to all, and remember – belong, love and go with your heart.

Lyn Goldman - administrator, broadcaster, university instructor

I am very grateful for this honour.

Lyn 150
Lyn Goldman’s advice to graduates is “to travel, to fail, and to fall in love. These are the experiences that make life worth living.”

Like many first-generation Canadians, I grew up in a family of individuals who were so grateful to be in Canada, to be free to live and work and prosper in a new country full of hope. They believed in giving back to the community, and that fostered my devotion to my community, to the university, to the city, and to Canada – especially when I was encouraged by the likes Tommy Douglas and Lloyd Barber and Lynda Haverstock.

Today’s women graduates must build on the work of those who went before them.

All of you who are graduating today don’t know yet what you will be able to achieve in the years ahead. My advice is to try everything – to travel, to fail, and to fall in love. I’ll bet I’m the only Honorary Degree recipient who ever advised our grads to do that! These are the experiences that make life worth living.

I feel as though I’ve nurtured this University through its youth and its adolescence - and I’m delighted to be a part of its maturity. Thank you for this honour.

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