Prominent banker to share views on Canada’s economy

By Dale Johnson Posted: November 20, 2015 6:00 a.m.

Lynn Patterson, Deputy Governor for the Bank of Canada.
Lynn Patterson, Deputy Governor for the Bank of Canada. Photo courtesy of Bank of Canada.

One of the top bankers in Canada is coming to the University of Regina to share her views on the economic outlook for the country.

Lynn Patterson, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, will be speaking on campus November 24. The title of her talk is “Promoting Canada’s Economic and Financial Well-Being.”

Patterson’s visit to Regina is part of the Bank of Canada’s outreach program which the bank says is “an endeavour to keep in touch with and to understand the local and regional economies in this vast country.”

Patterson’s appearance at the U of R is hosted by the Department of Economics.

“The Bank plays a strong role in promoting a sound banking and financial system that is well respected internationally,” says Dr. Stuart Wilson, Associate Professor of Economics and Head of the Department of International Languages. “Monetary policy affects everyone, from influencing mortgage rates and payments for homeowners, and borrowing rates for businesses to expand operations and hire workers, to helping promote consistent and sustainable growth in the economy.”

Patterson, who was appointed to her position in May 2014, is one of two deputy governors responsible for overseeing the Bank of Canada’s analysis and activities in promoting a stable and efficient financial system.  

Prior to her appointment, Patterson was Special Advisor to the Governor and Senior Representative at the bank’s regional office in Toronto.  

She has had a long and distinguished career in the world of finance, including prominent positions with Merrill Lynch Canada, Goldman Sachs Canada and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board. She is the recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Medal as a builder and innovator in Canada’s investment industry.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from one of the leaders of our central bank and to understand the role the Bank of Canada plays in our economy,” says Wilson, who will introduce her at the event.  

The Bank of Canada has three of these regional outreaches across the country each year, and this is the first one in Regina since 2007. As well, the Bank held a board meeting in Regina in 2009.

Event:     Deputy Governor – Bank of Canada

Date:       November 24, 2015

Time:       4:30 p.m.

Location: Education Auditorium (room 106)

Open to the public. No registration required.