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Posted: December 22, 2015 6:00 a.m.

Md Abdul Kader SiddiqueMeer loves to travel and was recently exploring Lake Louise, Alberta.
Md Abdul Kader SiddiqueMeer loves to travel and was recently exploring Lake Louise, Alberta. Photo courtesy of Adnam Mahmud Hakim.

Md Abdul Kader Siddique Meer is only too happy to share his positive experiences with our UR Guarantee program. In his own words, he tells how the UR Guarantee program advisors help ensure he has what he needs to succeed.

Getting Involved

After arriving at the University of Regina, my first challenge was getting everything organized and then getting involved on campus. It was not easy at first, but after joining the UR Guarantee and the Ambassador programs, I gradually started getting involved on campus. Specifically, the guidance I have received from my UR Guarantee Advisor has been very beneficial. The suggestions and feedback I received from the UR Guarantee program helped me make a smooth transition and allowed me to navigate through my studies in a balanced way. This program is fantastic and helps students get the best out of the University. I also would like to mention UR International, as I have received lots of help from the great staff there. That also made my transition smooth.

Ensuring Success

I am enrolled in the Faculty of Science. I became interested in science when I was in the 11th grade. I loved my science subjects including math, programming, problem solving, robotics and many other interesting things. Over time, I have also gained interest in doing research and found computer science to be the subject that I am really passionate about. To ensure success in my field, I have participated in different career development workshops offered on campus. I also participated in the interactive presentation skills workshop series offered by UR Guarantee, and different levels of volunteer training sessions and workshops offered by the Ambassador Program.

Get involved

I love to participate in extra-curricular activities that are different from my academic studies, and I have diverse leadership experiences.  For example, I was elected as the Event Organizing Executive at University of Regina Bangladeshi Students Association. I’m also volunteering as the Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Student Branch) at the U of R.

Friendly advice

If I had any advice to offer first year students, I would suggest getting organized early in the semester, to have a consistent routine, and to schedule important deadlines so that all assignments and review sessions are completed in a timely manner. This will help students get used to the demands of their academic program. I would also suggest that they seriously consider taking the advantage of UR Guarantee, it’s like a complete package of guidance that students may need.
I have lived on campus since my first year and have found the people at the University to be very nice, friendly and helpful. You just have to look around and talk with people. If you can do this, I am sure that you will enjoy the vibrant environment and the life at the University of Regina.

Md Abdul Kader Siddique Meer is a student in Computer Science.
UR Guarantee ensures you are making the most of your University experience.   
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