International Night celebrates diversity on campus

Posted: February 28, 2016 4:00 p.m.

A moment here from the fashion show at International Night. Student Jermain McKenzine (far left) was the master of ceremonies.
A moment here from the fashion show at International Night. Student Jermain McKenzine (far left) was the master of ceremonies. Photo courtesy of UR International.

International Night is a big hit with the campus and the community.

More than 1400 people packed one of the U of R gyms for this annual event, February 26, that featured cultural performances, great food and an exquisite fashion show.

This annual event is hosted by UR International in coordination with numerous students societies, associations, clubs and community organizations.

Students Selfie International Night
Students Haris Khan and Annora Bourgeault share a moment from the U of R's International Night. (Photo courtesy of Haris Khan).

This year's event was filled with performances and booths representing countries from around the world. International night is the cap stone event that allows all students, faculty, staff and community to celebrate the diversity that makes the U of R a home away from home for all international students.

UR International extended a special invitation to the new Syrians who arrived in Regina earlier this year, of which a large number of families attended.  

"International Night is now one of the premier events hosted at the University of Regina,” says Jermain McKenzie, a U of R student who has also served master of ceremonies for this event for the fourth straight year.
“This event has been a great tool for helping to promote the cultural diversity of our campus. The event has grown tremendously over the four years that I have been involved with it and this year's event was nothing less than spectacular.”

Iranian students
International Night fashion show winners were two students from Iran, Aysel (l) and Amir (r). (Photo courtesy of UR International)

Among the students attending was Haris Khan, who is also a comedian.

"U of R is a home for many students from different parts of the world,” says Khan. “International Night allows us to celebrate our culture and share with our U of R. I love coming to International night, as it is one of the biggest multicultural events I have attended so far this year in Regina. It is definitely an event you don't want to miss.”

International Night is sponsored by UR International, CIBC, the U of R, U of R Residence and Conference Services, the U of R Graduate Students Association. the U of R Students’ Union and U of R Student Affairs.