Excellence in teaching that crosses disciplines recognized

Posted: June 2, 2016 11:30 a.m.

Dr. David Gerhard is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science.
Dr. David Gerhard is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science. U of R Photography

Department of Computer Science professor David Gerhard has been kindling the curiosity of students across disciplines and generations for the last twelve years.

Known across the University of Regina campus and beyond as an engaging and innovative instructor, Gerhard crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries to marry the worlds of computer science and the creative arts.

Gerhard has made fundamental contributions to the design of creative technologies curricula at the University of Regina. This cross-disciplinary approach to teaching incorporates technological skill in the development of systems for the creation of artistic and interpretive works, and it gives context and history to the design and development of creative practices.

For the last five years, Gerhard has collaborated with Fine Arts faculty members to develop a minor in creative technologies for computer science students and a new concentration in the computer science degree program.

An associate member in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Gerhard co-teaches courses with music and creative technologies faculty and supervises interdisciplinary graduate students.

These innovations, as well as his attention to the needs of his students and inspirational teaching style, have earned Gerhard a 2016 Award for Excellence in Teaching.

“Dr. Gerhard’s teaching reaches beyond the university as well,” says Dr. Howard Hamilton.” In the past, he has offered Continuing Education classes out of the University’s downtown campus, helping community members (often senior citizens) learn how to use Facebook and social media as well as how to get more out of the iPads and mobile technology. As with his undergraduate teaching, the teaching reviews from his Continuing Education classes are universally positive and provide evidence for his effectiveness and engagement in whatever subject he is teaching.”

Gerhard is a frequent guest in local print, radio and television media, which feature his insights on issues concerning technology and society.

Gerhard’s teaching further reaches into the community through his Continuing Education classes at the University’s College Avenue campus. In these classes, Gerhard has taught community members—often senior citizens—how to use Facebook and other social media, as well as iPads and mobile technology.

The University of Regina Alumni Association Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes sustained excellence in leadership and innovation for undergraduate teaching and learning at the University of Regina.