Business graduate joins board of Conexus Credit Union

By Dale Johnson Posted: June 23, 2016 6:00 a.m.

Bradyn Parisian says serving on the Conxeus Credit Union board of directors is “one of the best professional experiences I’ve had.”
Bradyn Parisian says serving on the Conxeus Credit Union board of directors is “one of the best professional experiences I’ve had.” Photo: U of R Photography

A University of Regina business graduate is one of the newest members of the board of directors of Conexus Credit Union.

Bradyn Parisian earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2008 at the University of Regina and then returned to the U of R to complete his Masters of Business Administration in 2012.

“I happened to be doing some online banking one day, and noticed that they were seeking younger credit union members to express interest in joining the board. I was voted in for my first term on the board in 2015, and it’s been one of the best professional experiences I’ve had thus far,” Parisian says.

Just one year into the world of corporate governance, he’s vice-chair of the Conexus board – at age 32. And he says he wouldn’t be at the board table without what he learned at the U of R.

“My education at the U of R has opened many doors for me, and has provided me with an arsenal of technical and soft skills that have greatly advanced my career. In the context of getting on the board at Conexus, one of the core competencies they were looking for at the time of recruitment was an individual who had a background in finance and risk management. Without my finance major, and an MBA in strategic management, I may not have made the cut,” he says.

Parisian’s ties with the U of R are largely because of his father.

“I was born and raised in Regina, and my father attended the U of R as a mature student. He was the first person in our family to attend university and he completed his undergraduate degree in administration while managing to parent four young children and still achieve distinction and multiple appearances on the Dean’s Honour List. I decided to attend the U of R and the First Nations University of Canada to follow in his footsteps and start somewhat of a tradition for our family.”

Since his graduation, Parisian has worked for Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada and Health Canada. He now works as an account executive at SaskPower, where he manages a portfolio of the province’s largest industrial and commercial electricity customers, including Brandt Industries and Federated Co-operatives Ltd.

When it came time to look into an MBA program, Parisian considered several possibilities before returning to the U of R.

“I had initially explored MBA programs offered by McGill, Athabasca and U of S. I eventually opted for the U of R's MBA program after making the decision that I wanted to do an (a) in-class MBA program (as opposed to distance education offered by Athabasca), and (b) return ‘home’ and continue to learn from the U of R’s business faculty. U of R has always felt like home to me, and still does, so it was a natural fit.”

And even though he has graduated, he still has ties to the U of R.

“I also teach business as a sessional lecturer with First Nation University of Canada’s School of Business and Public Administration. I absolutely love teaching, and it could be a career change at some point in the future.”

He has lots of memories from his days at the U of R.

“I’ve spent nearly half of my life at the U of R, in some capacity, as a student and instructor. I met my wife Randal in a U of R class, and have created many lasting friendships during my time here. I still keep in touch with most of my students and a handful of my former professors to this day. I might even do a PhD one day, who knows!”

So what advice does this business leader have?

“When I reflect upon my time at the U of R, and my achievements to date, one common theme emerges, and that is the notion of constantly stepping outside of your comfort zone. I was originally accepted to the U of R as a science undergrad. The stock market piqued my interest, so I left my comfort zone to pursue a finance degree. My career goal is entrepreneurship, and the wheels are already in motion. Upon convocation, I wanted to challenge my intellect, so I pursued an MBA while working full-time. The U of R provides many opportunities for an individual to continuously grow as both a person and as a professional, so I encourage everyone to seek out their next opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone!”

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