The perks of living on campus

Posted: August 10, 2016 6:00 a.m.

Savanna Bryce lives in the Paskwāw Tower (North Residence). She’s a fourth year bachelor of social work student.
Savanna Bryce lives in the Paskwāw Tower (North Residence). She’s a fourth year bachelor of social work student. Photo by Trevor Hopkin - U of R Photography.

Living on campus has its benefits, some more obvious than others. Just ask Savanna Bryce who grew up on a farm near Arcola, Saskatchewan. Her decision, in her first year of studies, to move into one of the residences ensured a smooth transition to university life. Savanna shared her thoughts with us about the advantages of living on campus.  

Great Beginnings

My first year I would have said the best part about living in residence is having the opportunity to meet so many people so easily. Coming from a small town to a big university created some anxiety for me in terms of meeting new people and making new friends.

Now that I am going into my fourth year of living in residence I still think it's a great way to meet new people but I also see other highlights such as the convenience of being on campus, the approachable staff, and the ways that residence gets people involved as much as possible.  

The Convenience

New Residence Towers
Kīšik Towers is the newest of the residence buildings offering some of the finest city and park views in Regina. (U of R Photography)

The convenience is so important because with the Saskatchewan winters it is so nice to not have to start a vehicle to come to class. That extra 20 minutes of sleep really does make a big difference some days.

I also hate socks, so being able to wear flip flops all year round is a bonus too. Also, if I ever forget anything at home that's needed for class, it's never too much of an inconvenience to go home and get it.

The Socializing

In terms of socializing, the U of R residence definitely provides the opportunity. The resident assistants are required to plan at least two events each, per semester which provides students great opportunities to socialize. Some of these events include going to Saskatchewan Roughrider football games and new movie releases at the cinemas to name a couple.

The Amenities

The U of R residence does provide easy access to a well developed gym, medical Center and multiple food services.
Some additional benefits to residence include the great maintenance staff. Whenever a report is placed to residence maintenance, there is always a speedy fix on the way.

Being with Friends

Another benefit to the U of R residence is that you can live with your friends. It's a nice option to have for sure. The staff coordinates the roommates in terms of similarities. When we apply for residence we answer some basic questions that are matched with other applicants having the same or similar results. My experience at the University of Regina residence has been wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and am thankful for the multiple friendships made with fellow residents and staff members.

Savanna Bryce is a fourth year of bachelor of social work student. She’s also a resident assistant in the Paskwāw Tower (North Residence). Thinking of living on campus? It's the perfect way to get the full student experience. We have people at Residence Services who can help.