Festival of light attracts huge crowd

By Costa Maragos Posted: November 20, 2016 3:00 p.m.

The Dilawi Gala featured performances by U of R students. Dilawi is India's biggest holiday of the year.
The Dilawi Gala featured performances by U of R students. Dilawi is India's biggest holiday of the year. Photo courtesy of Sua Park.

An evening of performance and excellent Indian food attracted more than 600 people to the fifth annual Diwali Gala – The Festival of Light.

The gala was held at the Education Auditorium at the U of R and hosted by the Indian Students Association and UR International.

“From all the efforts the executive members and performers have put into this event it feels rewarding to know the event was a great success” says Monica Purewal, a third year engineering student and a member of the executive of the Indian Students Association.

Hibba Shahid and Mandeep Dhillon were the hosts of the fifth annual Diwali Gala. The event was sold out. Photo courtesy of Sua Park.

"Our executive members have been working extremely hard to provide a smooth and entertaining night, and this was proven Saturday. Hosting cultural events such as the Diwali Gala helps create a stronger unity and bond within our students, faculty members, and the Regina community.”  

Diwali is a huge festival celebrated in India and is that country’s biggest holiday of the year. People celebrate Diwali by decorating their homes with hanging lights, giving gifts, setting clay oil lamps and most of all enjoying the fireworks.

The U of R event featured performances from university students including dance, music, singing and a delectable array of Indian food.

"Being with the Indian Students Association for four years, I feel we’ve helped international students by making them feel at home in Regina,” says Yash Mann, a third year business accounting student and president of the association.

“I remember when I was an international student, it was very hard to transition into Canadian lifestyle. I feel that's one of our biggest roles, to help in the transition period of the new international students.”  

The Indian Students Association encourages students from all backgrounds to join the club and attend its events.