JULY HIGHLIGHTS: Students take classes at the new campus for the first time

By Dale Johnson Posted: July 14, 2017 6:00 a.m.

In July 1974 the University of Regina became a separate entity from the University of Saskatchewan.
In July 1974 the University of Regina became a separate entity from the University of Saskatchewan. Photo: U of R Archives and Special Collections

Among the historical highlights at the University of Regina and its forerunners during the month of July:

1925:  The cornerstone is laid for Luther College on Dewdney Ave. Luther College had opened in Melville in 1913 as the Luther Academy. The construction on the new facility is completed in time for students to attend classes in the fall of 1926. The University of Saskatchewan recognizes Luther College as a junior college, and first-year university courses are offered. Luther College is invited in 1964 to become federated with the new Regina Campus of the University of Saskatchewan. In 1971 a new Luther College building on the university campus opens and the building on Dewdney Ave. becomes Luther College High School.

1955:  The University of Saskatchewan approves the expenditure of $75,000 to build an extension to the Mackenzie Art Gallery, between Darke Hall and the other buildings on College Avenue. The new extension will provide more facilities for the Mackenzie Art Gallery, as well as more classrooms for the two-year arts course. The $75,000 will be added to $120,000 remaining from the Mackenzie bequest to extend the facilities.

1959:  It’s announced that degrees will be offered in Regina, and Regina College will become a campus of the University of Saskatchewan. Some civic-minded residents of Regina had been calling for degrees to be offered at Regina College since it opened in 1911. But those arguments proved unsuccessful for decades. However, by the late 1950s the U of S is facing overcrowding issues and there is consideration to limiting enrollment. In order to meet this increased demand, it's decided to allow degrees to be offered in Regina.

1965:  Students attend classes for the very first time at what now is known as the main campus of the University of Regina. It was then known as the new Regina Campus of the University of Saskatchewan and was made up of the Classroom and Laboratory buildings. The Leader-Post reported that, “400 science and history students picked their way over muddy, still-unfinished roads to become the first to take lectures at the new campus being built on the bald prairie on the southeastern outskirts of the city.”

1967:  As part of the Canada’s 100th birthday party, celebrations are held in Wascana Centre. There are 22 events, and the first speaker is Dr. W.A. Riddell, University Vice-President. The topic of his speech is The Place of the University in Society.

1974:  The University of Regina gains independent status and officially becomes a separate entity from the University of Saskatchewan. John Archer, who had been Principal of the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus, since 1970, becomes the first President of the University of Regina.

1981:  The University of Regina’s budget director says the institution is in a “holding pattern” with little money to expand programs. The comment comes after the provincial government provides an annual operating grant of $28.4 million – a 12.9 per cent increase over the previous year. That was just slightly higher than the rate of inflation. Tuition fees increased 7.7 per cent.

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