An appetite for change at the Riddell Centre food court

By Dale Johnson Posted: August 11, 2017 4:00 p.m.

 The food court in the Riddell Centre will have a new look when it re-opens in September.
The food court in the Riddell Centre will have a new look when it re-opens in September. Artist conception courtesy of Compass Group Canada

There will be more choices for food and more seating space at the Riddell Centre when classes resume in September.

Construction crews are spending the summer making renovations to meet the increased enrolment on campus.

“Foodservices have not changed significantly since the opening of the Riddell Centre, however, we have increased enrolment, housing, and connections with the community,” says Bettina Welsh, Director of Student Affairs Operations.  

Among the changes will be a hot buffet and more seating space.

“University of Regina Food Services understands the diversity of student life; one day you need to grab a quick bite on the way to class, and the next day you want to enjoy dinner with friends. In trying to meet everyone's needs, we've created a hot buffet option that allows students to dine according to their lifestyle and schedule,” explains Rohan Gomes, Foodservices Director.  

The revamped food court will have a variety of options – some old and familiar, and some new and different.  

“The retail option will boast Pizza Pizza, On the Go, Tim Horton’s, the Austin Grill and a salad bar. We will also be installing a new freestyle Coke machine which will have close to 500 different Coke varieties. The all-you-can-eat hot buffet will have fresh, affordable, healthy and delicious food served in an efficient and professional environment,” says Gomes.

The work will completed in time for the start of classes in September.

“We are excited to offer more dining options to students, staff and guests. It will also be nice to have additional seating capacity so that everyone can study and dine in comfort,” Welsh says.