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University of Regina wins bid to host 2020 JDC West competition

By Greg Duck Posted: September 21, 2018 9:30 a.m.

University of Regina alumni Cari-Lynn Schoettler BBA’17 and Mason Gardiner BBA’13 will be the co-chairs of JDC West 2020 after a successful bid to host the 15th edition of the competition.
University of Regina alumni Cari-Lynn Schoettler BBA’17 and Mason Gardiner BBA’13 will be the co-chairs of JDC West 2020 after a successful bid to host the 15th edition of the competition. UR External Relations

JDC West will be coming back to the University of Regina and the Hill School of Business after a successful bid by alumni Cari-Lynn Schoettler and Mason Gardiner. After eight months of crafting the bid, they were exhilarated to hear that they had been successful. “Western Canada is coming here, it’s a huge deal!” exclaimed Gardiner.

2020 will be the 15th edition of JDC West, and the opportunity to host the historic event proved too great to pass up.


Cari-Lynn Schoettler, external co-chair, is
responsible for building relationships with
key stakeholders and creating buzz in the


Mason Gardiner, internal co-chair, will take
the lead for planning and organizing the

“This is a major milestone for the competition, and a great opportunity to showcase our school and city. A lot has changed in the past few years, and we thought it was time for Regina to host again,” said Schoettler.

JDC West is the largest undergraduate business competition in Western Canada. Annually, 12 top business schools select teams of undergraduate students in 10 academic disciplines, as well as parliamentary style debate, sports, and a social competition. The competition celebrates academic excellence, professionalism, superior teamwork development, and goodwill. What differentiates the competition is its emphasis on school spirit and community involvement, with enthusiasm and volunteer hours and dollars raised for charity impacting a school’s finish.

Each year, a host city is selected through a bid process, and chosen by a board of directors. Regina previously hosted an extremely successful edition of the competition in 2014 which played a major factor in the winning bid.

“Cari-Lynn and Mason put together an exceptional bid package and undoubtedly, the success of that last time we hosted played a role in our successful bid. Bringing JDC West back to Hill in 2020 is a significant opportunity to showcase Hill – our students, faculty, community partners – and the University of Regina as a whole,” said Gina Grandy, Dean of the Hill and Levene Schools of Business.

The impact of the competition is enormous, as nearly 1,000 people will take part as competitors, volunteers, sponsors, and former competitors who attend to view the competition.

“This isn’t a small student-run competition. It actually takes about half-a-million dollars to put on, which we have to raise, and nearly two years of planning. We need our small community to band together to make a large impact,” says Gardiner.

Initial planning is already underway, and major planning will kick-off after the 2019 competition in January. Community support has already made a major impact with Conexus, Regina Hotels Association, and the U of R playing a part.

“It unites our students, faculty, and community partners in collaborative and innovative ways - we couldn't do it without their commitment,” said Grandy.

“The next sixteen months are going to involve a lot of work, but we can’t wait to put on the best JDC West ever!” said Schoettler.

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