U of R is the first university in Canada to issue microcredential Badges in the MyCreds platform

By University Advancement and Communications Posted: August 10, 2021 3:00 p.m.

Badges and Professional Microcredentials offer a unique opportunity to quickly build in-demand skills, and can be added to your resumé, LinkedIn profile, or professional portfolio.
Badges and Professional Microcredentials offer a unique opportunity to quickly build in-demand skills, and can be added to your resumé, LinkedIn profile, or professional portfolio. Photo: stock

The University of Regina’s Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) continues to build on its long history of supporting professional and personal development by being the first university in Canada to issue professional microcredential Badges in the MyCredsTM | MesCertifTM platform. 

CCE’s Professional Microcredentials are made up of three flexible, bite-sized Badges that aim to upskill, reskill, and boost skills that are in demand. They allow learners to specialize in a narrow range of competencies, which complement their existing experience or education. 


Once you’ve completed a Badge, you will
receive a digital recognition of a particular
skill or skill set. Photo: Provided by the
for Continuing Education

Once a person completes a Badge, the Badge is issued by the Registrar's Office within five business days of receiving the record of completion from the faculty, department, or academic unit. The Badge is available to the learner as soon as it has been loaded to MyCredsTM | MesCertifTM, a digital credential wallet, by the Registrar’s Office. These accolades are industry recognizable and shareable, so they can then be added to a resumé, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio. 

Dr. Christie Schultz, Director of the Centre for Continuing Education, says the Badges and Professional Microcredentials, offer a unique opportunity to quickly build in-demand skills, especially for those whom are already established in their careers. 

“The Centre for Continuing Education’s microcredential offerings build upon our long history of supporting individuals to grow, professionally and personally, through certificates and seminars. Learning is a need—across a career and a life,” says Dr. Schultz. “With our current offering of microcredentials, and those that are in development, we connect with Saskatchewan employers to ensure that we understand their needs. For employers across the province, microcredentials are a great way to develop the skillset of their existing staff.” 

Anita Warriner, Executive Director of International Rural Exchange Canada, recently completed the Business Essentials Badge, along with one of her colleagues. After completing the Badge, she routinely refers back to her course materials and puts her newly-acquired skills to use when preparing for meetings. 

“The skills and tools I gained from the Business Essentials course are extremely helpful for strategic planning and process improvement and will help make our team more efficient,” says Warriner. “The Badge is fun to share, but also a tangible way of demonstrating that we invest in employees, strive to constantly improve, and deliver excellent customer experience.” 

MyCredsTM | MesCertifTM was developed by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada. It gives all current and former University of Regina students the ability to access and share their confirmation of enrolment, transcripts, parchment, and other documents digitally. In addition, MyCredsTM | MesCertifTM eliminates processing and mailing times, the cost of couriering the document if the request is urgent, and the potential of lost documents. 

All certified documents in MyCredsTM | MesCertifTM carry a digital signature that meets or exceeds all legal national and international standards. An authentic document always has a blue symbol validating the document has not been tampered with, eliminating the potential for credential fraud. 

“The MyCreds network also provides the ability to store multiple badges, credentials, and official documents in a single digital wallet,” says James D’Arcy, University of Regina Registrar. “One person can take multiple learning experiences from any number of participating institutions and be able to access all of their records of learning in one spot.” 

Registration is now open for the three professional microcredentials and nine badges that are launching this fall: 

  • Responsive Management – badges include managing hybrid teams, crisis management, and resilient leadership.
  • Project Compliance – badges include contract management for performance, strategic approaches to risk, and successful quality management.
  • High Impact Leadership – badges include navigate difficult conversations, manage power dynamics, and assertive leadership.

More information about the badges and professional microcredentials offered by the Centre for Continuing Education can be found at www.uofrmicrocredentials.ca.  



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