How to save money on your U of R education

By University Advancement and Communications Posted: August 12, 2021 1:00 p.m.

Searching for the scholarships you may be eligible for could save you money throughout your U of R education
Searching for the scholarships you may be eligible for could save you money throughout your U of R education Photo: University Advancement and Communications

1. Scholarships

Searching for the scholarships you may be
eligible for could save you money
throughout your U of R education.
Image: Pixabay

You can check to see if you’re eligible for one of the U of R’s automatic entrance scholarships, or use the Student Awards Management System to search both entrance and continuing student awards by faculty, program, and more.

The Government of Saskatchewan also has several awards, bursaries, grants, and scholarships that you can check out.

2. Textbooks

Zero-cost materials courses use materials
that are freely available and no cost to students
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When you enter your course information on the Campus Store site, you’ll get a list of the required textbooks for that class. Many of them have the option to buy the textbook used, saving you some major dollars!

In addition, don’t forget about Zero-cost materials courses. These courses use teaching materials and resources that are freely available to students, meaning you won’t need to spend any additional money on textbooks for the class. You can find a full list of the zero-cost material courses that are offered in the Fall 2021 semester here.

3. Groceries

Eat healthy and save money with the Good
Food Box. Image: Pixabay

The University of Regina Students’ Union participates in the Good Food Box Program (operated by REACH Regina). This means you can place your order and pick up your Good Food Box at the Students’ Union front desk every two weeks.

Each Good Food Box is a fresh and nutritious box of fruits and vegetables, and there are several different sizes and types available. REACH charges a not-for-profit price, which will save you an average of one-third to one-half of what you would pay for similar produce at a grocery store.

4. Health and Dental Care

URSU’s Health and Dental plan has you covered
on things like prescription drugs, dentist visits,
and more. Image: Pixabay

An unexpected medical bill is never a welcome surprise. Luckily the University of Regina Students’ Union’s Health and Dental Plan has got you covered! The Plan is designed to fill the gaps in provincial health care and other basic health-care programs, so it fully or partially covers things such as prescription drugs, vision care, and dental care.

You can save even more by visiting health professionals who are members of the Chiropractor, Dental, Massage Therapy, Naturopath, and Pharmacy Networks. You are always covered for the insured portion regardless of the health professional you choose, but when you see a Network member, you will receive additional coverage. For example, if you visit a dentist who is a member of the Dental Network, you will receive an additional 20 per cent off dental services on top of the already-insured portion of your visit.

You can visit the My Student Plan website to find out more information about how to opt in (if you’re not automatically enrolled), how to opt out (if you have existing health and dental coverage), the coverage period, and what services are covered.

TIP: Get your myBenefits card and bring it with you when you pick up prescriptions or visit the dentist.

 5. Transportation

Taking the bus, riding your bike, or walking
to campus can help you save money
Photo: UAC

Take the bus! The Universal Bus Pass, or U–pass, is a program designed for University of Regina students that allows you to use Regina Transit as much as you need to for a once-per-semester fee. All University of Regina students are eligible to get the U-Pass. Students are either automatically assessed the fee or may choose to opt-in. You can find out more about the U-pass on URSU’s website.

Added bonus: you don’t have to worry about parking tickets or driving to class in a blizzard!

Prefer to walk or bike? There are also many multi-use pathways that lead to the U of R’s main campus, as well as plenty of bike stands to lock up your bike while you’re in class.

6. Fitness

The U of R’s fitness centre, swimming pool,
and fitness classes are all free for students
Photo: UAC

Did you know that all U of R students have access to the fitness centre, swimming pool and UR Fit classes? Just make sure you have a valid student ID card!

7. Wi-fi, charging stations, and computers

Wi-fi, charging stations, and computers
are all available on campus.
Photo: UAC


Computer or internet issues? Don’t panic!

  • You can access free wi-fi anywhere on the main U of R campus for your smart phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Need a boost? There are multiple charging stations located around campus.
  • You can also access a computer in the Dr. John Archer Library.

URSU also has a student savings section on their website with details on how you can save on things like a Spotify subscription and an Amazon Prime account.



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