A Steady Drip on a Rock

By Univeristy Advancement and Communications Posted: October 11, 2021 5:00 a.m.

Erin LeDrew Epema, Jacob Epema LeDrew (holding Hermy), June LeDrew (holding Ginny) & Rey Epema established the Children on the Move Scholarship to support U of R students.
Erin LeDrew Epema, Jacob Epema LeDrew (holding Hermy), June LeDrew (holding Ginny) & Rey Epema established the Children on the Move Scholarship to support U of R students. Photo: Courtesy of June LeDrew

Together, our amazing donors are powerful shapers of a better world, and individually they each have a distinctive and personal story to tell. One example is Dr. June LeDrew, whose passion for children’s healthy active living is matched only by her commitment to giving back to the community. 

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies professor knows how physical activity in the early years of a child’s life is critical to building a strong foundation of physical development and mental well-being throughout their lives. To promote this behaviour, LeDrew wrote and independently co-published with her husband Rey Epema two massively successful books entitled Children on the Move: An Active Living Alphabet and Girls on the Move: An Active Living Alphabet

These books are a staple in elementary schools across Saskatchewan and other provinces, which teach children about physical literacy and the alphabet, while showing them how much fun it is to be active. 

Rather than receiving any royalties from books’ sales, LeDrew chose to donate them, a portion of which went towards the endowed Children on the Move Scholarship, which she, her husband, her daughter Erin LeDrew Epema (currently studying Biochemistry at the University of Regina), and her son Jacob Epema LeDrew established back in 2004. 

“We wanted to create something self-sustaining, something that would live on for years and help students pursue their dreams – even after I’m gone,” said the professor and children’s’ nonfiction author. “I even tell my students how endowed awards are a lasting way to make a difference for future generations of students.” 

“It’s so heartwarming to know June created this scholarship with her family, which has been a critical source of support for so many Kinesiology and Education students in the past, and will continue to be well into the future,” said Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies Dean Dr. Harold Riemer. “It’s an essential way to not only help students focus more on their studies, and worry less about paying their tuition, but to also combine her interest and that of the student recipients, who will go on to become leaders in empowering active communities and encouraging children’s healthy, active lifestyles.” 

“I’m honoured to be the 2021 recipient of the Children on the Move Scholarship,” said alum Mikaela Deguzman. “Since completing my Bachelor of Education degree in December, I’ve moved back home to Saskatoon where I started my teaching career. The scholarships I was granted minimized my financial burden by helping me pay off my student loans. For that, I’d like to express my gratitude to June LeDrew and her family for their generosity and support in the last bit of my educational journey at the University of Regina.” 

For 25 of her 30 years as a faculty member, LeDrew has been a recurring donor who has given back to the University through payroll deductions. The reason for this decision hinges on her long-held belief that the smallest acts of kindness can over time bring about big changes. 

“The analogy I like to use is that of a drop on a rock, which may not seem like much,” LeDrew explained, “but if it’s a steady drip, then that rock will eventually split. That’s the impact of monthly giving.” 

“We are a University community that proudly promotes a culture of philanthropy,” said Dr. Riemer. “Like all other faculty and staff members who make financial contributions to the University, June’s giving heart epitomizes that culture, and the end result is a brighter future for our students and an improved world for all of us.” 

We invite you to read the 2020-2021 Donor Impact Report, which shares who some of our donors are, why they give and what mark they leave on the world – a world that is truly better because of their philanthropy. 


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