UR International celebrates Winter 2022 exchange students

By University Advancement and Communications Posted: April 11, 2022 10:00 a.m.

Expand your cultural and academic horizons by studying abroad.
Expand your cultural and academic horizons by studying abroad. U of R Photography

UR International is celebrating the successful completion of the semester for the first cohort of in-person, inbound exchange students since before the pandemic.

The Winter 2022 semester saw 80 students from over 20 countries join the U of R campus community both in-person and virtually.

Every semester, UR International welcomes a diverse range of students from all corners of the world to study on exchange and take part in a wide range of activities and cultural programs to explore and get involved in the U of R campus community.

“Not only are we cultivating opportunities to encourage and support our students to study abroad to connect and gain global experiences, but we also strive to bring global perspectives back home to enrich our campus dynamic and nurture the U of R’s already diverse culture,“ said Sua Park, Global Education Advisor for UR International.

Experience new cultures

From cultural events like International Night to other excursions and events throughout Regina and the surrounding area, U of R exchange students have plenty of fun opportunities to immerse themselves in both the local culture and cultures of their fellow exchange students.

UR International Students
UR International’s cultural celebrations are can’t-miss events for exchange students! Photo: UR International.
Photo taken prior to the pandemic.

Exchange student Nilufar Dusnazarova (Uzbekistan), recently reflected on her experience at the U of R while speaking at an event for the Saskatchewan Student Ambassador Program.

“The U of R’s global community, excellent academic reputation, and convenient transportation and housing is what really attracted me to come to Regina for my study abroad opportunity,” said Dusnazarova. “It’s an incredibly diverse and student-focused university with a wide variety of places nearby to explore.”

“Overall, studying abroad has changed my life,” she continued. “In just four months I was able to grow as an adult and learn so much about myself while making new friends and memories that I’ll never forget.”

UR International Student
Nilufar Dusnazarova, originally from Uzbekistan, is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Japan and is currently taking Business Economics at the U of R on exchange. Photo provided by Nilufar Dusnazarova.

Expand your academic horizons

Attending the U of R as an exchange student not only opens you up to new experiences in the local community, but it also gives you the chance to gain different perspectives and take classes you’re passionate about that aren’t offered at your home university.

There are also plenty of free academic, transition, and mental health supports available to ensure students transition smoothly and get the most out of their time at the U of R.

If you are a U of R student looking to continue your education journey in different parts of the world, UR International is currently accepting applications for Winter 2023 outbound study abroad opportunities (application deadline is July 1).

There are multiple funding opportunities available to make studying abroad easier for students, including the Global Education Scholarship and Global Skills Opportunity Program.

International travel restrictions have limited the number of study abroad opportunities in recent semesters, but as these restrictions begin to lift, UR International is already seeing a significant uptick in applications for both inbound and outbound study abroad opportunities.

For more information on studying abroad, visit the UR International website or send an e-mail to study.abroad@uregina.ca.