U of R community comes up big (hearts!) for students

By University Advancement and Communications Posted: May 10, 2022 8:00 a.m.

The Big Hearts Family Giving campaign certainly was a success.
The Big Hearts Family Giving campaign certainly was a success. University Advancement and Communications

The University of Regina community of faculty, staff and retirees, put their “Big Hearts” on full display as together we raised $215,823.00 for the University and its students as part of the Big Hearts Family Giving campaign.

“It is wonderful to see the spirit, pride, and passion that our current and former faculty and staff members have shown toward making our University a better place for our students,” said Dr. Jeff Keshen, President and Vice-Chancellor. “Through everyone’s contributions, we are building a culture of giving that demonstrates a strong belief in our students and our University.”

Big Hearts Family Giving provides members of the University of Regina community the opportunity to give to the area or initiative they are most passionate about through payroll deductions and donations.  

One area that received significant support was Textbooks for All, a program created by the Dr. John Archer Library and the University of Regina Students’ Union that allows the Library to purchase the textbooks students need and give them access to those books in two-hour blocks of time. Since the program’s inception, hundreds of print textbooks have been purchased along with several electronic textbooks. Students have borrowed the print textbooks over 30,000 times, and the E-Textbooks have been requested over 16,000 times. With so much support for Textbooks for All from the U of R community, more students will get the access to textbooks they need to reach their full potential.  

Every donation made through Big Hearts Family Giving will have an immediate impact on students and their academic success by alleviating financial burdens and providing access to much-needed resources that they otherwise might not have.

“To everyone who participated in Big Hearts Family Giving, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your support of our students and your University,” Dr. Keshen added.

If you haven’t donated to Big Hearts Family Giving, but still want to, you can find more information at Fundraising Priorities - Big Hearts Family Giving - University of Regina (uregina.ca).

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