6 interesting electives for first-year students

By University Advancement and Communications Posted: May 19, 2022 8:00 a.m.

Seek answers to the mysteries of the universe in Astronomy 101.
Seek answers to the mysteries of the universe in Astronomy 101. Photo: Adobe Stock

Open electives are a great opportunity to expand your horizons and explore new areas of interest that may or may not be related to your academic program.

Whether you’re a social work student with a passion for graphic design or a business student wanting to learn a new language, the U of R has plenty of interesting courses you can take with minimal or no prerequisite courses required.

As a first-year student, you may have the opportunity to take a few open electives in your early semesters before beginning program-specific advanced classes later on, so be sure to give these courses a look and register quick before they fill up!

Introduction to Digital Studio Tools - CTCH 113

Want to learn more about graphic design or photography? This course will give you the foundation to start producing your own work using tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

This entry-level studio course explores the creative opportunities available when working digitally in the areas of fine art, illustration, and graphic design. Students will work towards the production of a portfolio of digital works that will include: digital painting, digital collage, vector illustrations, typography, layout design, and photographic manipulations.

Introduction to Astronomy – ASTR 101

If you’ve ever gazed into the night sky and wondered about the mysteries of the universe, this course is for you!

In Astronomy 101, emphasis is placed on the role of observation in the evolution of our theories about the origins of the solar system, and of the size and structure of the universe.

Philosophy and Practice of Yoga and T'ai Chi – KHS 131

Find your zen while earning credits! A study of the philosophical and practical aspects of movement through yoga and T'ai chi, this course will incorporate fundamental principles of flexibility training and proper technique.

Person doing a yoga position

Combine your physical and mental wellness with your studies by registering for Philosophy and Practice of Yoga and T’ai Chi. Photo: Adobe Stock

Elementary Cree I – CREE 100

Learning Cree, the most populous Canadian Indigenous language, can help you gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous history and traditions.

In this introduction to the Cree language, you will learn basic oral expression, grammar, and practice with electronic learning materials. No prior knowledge of Cree is assumed.

Sociology of Hockey in Canada – SOC 218

Central to Canadian popular culture, hockey extends far beyond the rinks and streets on which it is played into the social, cultural, economic, and political realms of Canadian society.

An examination of hockey in Canada, this course explores the relationships between hockey and social inequality, the economy, violence and Canadian nationalism.

Hockey on the pond
In Sociology of Hockey in Canada, you’ll learn about hockey’s impact on Canadian culture and society.
Photo: Adobe Stock

The Art of Motion Pictures – FILM 100

This one is for the movie lovers! Take your appreciation of film to the next level with Film 100*.

An introduction to the art of motion pictures, this course examines a representative selection of films covering the history of cinema and many of its basic aesthetic premises.

*Popcorn not included.

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