Discourse: University of Regina Research Magazine

Discourse is the University of Regina’s bi-annual magazine that profiles new and ongoing research by faculty, staff and students. Discourse showcases the breadth and depth of research at our University – conducted by researchers who embrace the challenge to make a big impact in the lives of Canadians, as well as in the lives of others around the world.

In this issue of Discourse, read about:

  • How Canada Research Chair Sandra Zilles is using algorithms, pure mathematics and creativity to drive change;

  • How Sandeep Mishra is unlocking the links between risk-taking and inequality;

  • Kerri Finlay exploring the role of dugouts in helping to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and offset the carbon tax; and,

  • Gordon Huang and the launch of a new tool that projects future climate change to the year 2100 in an effort to help keep Canadians safe.

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