Web Resources

Faculty and departmental websites reside in a common template and are managed in a centralized web content management system (WCMS) called Hannon Hill Cascade Server. Web editors and publishers manage sites at the departmental and faculty level in a distributed publishing model.

Training on the WCMS is provided by the Technology Learning Centre. Cascade Level 1 training is mandatory for all users.

If you have questions about website management, please contact Therese Stecyk.

Web Governance

The University's web presence is governed by the University Web Governance Committee (UWGC) and OPS-080-040 Website Naming, Hosting, Risks and Security. The UWGC is a sub-committee of the University Information Technology Steering Committee (UITSC) and is the University's senior governance committee responsible to oversee institutional website development and implementation.

The Integrated Web Services (IWS) operational group, a team from Communications and Marketing and Information Services, are responsible for the day-to-day operation and implementation of institutional web services including strategic content and technical support for website owners and content creators.