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Service Catalogue

No Charge Services

  1. Assisting researchers in proposal writing including cost estimates (for software components of research proposals).
  2. Providing consulting to researchers on:
    1. Software discovery and re-use (Existing software that may be of use)
    2. Development environments
    3. Languages, libraries and 3rd party software
    4. Development methodologies and software project management
    5. Use of Canadian digital research infrastructure

This is limited to providing guidance. Any development/debugging/training would be billable.

For Fee Services

The services we can provide are listed below. Please check with us to ensure that we have the expertise and capacity to address your request within your time frame and to obtain an estimate. It is best to submit a footprints ticket to request service.

  1. On successful grant award, implementing software as per proposal estimates.
  2. Support for software platforms developed by Research Services IT group
  3. Software application design/architecture/proposals/recommendations/alternate analysis.
  4. Development/modification to research software (e.g. numerical analysis, statistical, simulation, visualization, data analysis).
  5. Formal training on software/development environments.
  6. Integration of existing software
  7. Data management – organizing, storing, querying data repositories.
  8. Supervise research software development teams.
  9. Procurement of IT hardware/software
  10. Linux server hosting and administration.
  11. Administration/maintenance/monitoring of deployed applications.
  12. Assistance with SSL certificate and domain name setup (DNS) for servers.
  13. Information Security Awareness training
  14. Other IT services as mutually agreed, on a time and materials basis

Don't see your specific need? Please don't hestitate to contact us.