Vision, Principles, Philosophy, Focus


  • As a recognized Centre of Excellence for information technology, infrastructure, and service delivery, Information Services is committed to the success of our people, the University and the community.

Guiding Principles  

  • Treat people with respect, consideration, and kindness
  • Participate in and support the career development, education, and training of staff and managers
  • Be open, honest, and prompt in all communication and conduct
  • Create a safe environment for the presentation of new ideas and opposing points of view
  • Be prudent stewards of the University resources entrusted to us
  • Accept responsibility for our conduct and holding ourselves accountable

Management Philosophy 

Management Philosophy

Strategic Focus 

  • Service Excellence - IS will provide a set of services that meets the expectations and needs of both Clients and IS
  • People - IS will undertake activities that assist people to learn, engage, communicate, motivate and lead
  • Stewardship - IS will manage the resources entrusted to us resourcefully, with honesty and competence
  • Making a difference - IS will proactively and collaboratively empower clients to achieve the University’s vision