Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book the gym?

All booking requests need to be submitted in writing to Gym availability can be found here.
Please note that Gym 3 center court is reserved for Cougars games and CKHS bookings only.

What do I need to rent equipment?

You will need a valid student ID card or CKHS facility pass (Fitness and Lifestyle Centre or Pool membership card). Without your card, you will not be permitted to rent equipment. All equipment must be returned by the end of the day of rental.

What do I have to wear in order to use the gymnasiums?

Clean, indoor only gym shoes need to be worn to prevent floor damage. Jeans are not appropriate because they are considered outdoor clothing. Clean, non-marking shoes, shorts, sweatpants, wind pants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are all acceptable gym attire.


What happens if I don't return my equipment?

All equipment borrowed from the Facilities Services Centre is tracked using your student ID card or CKHS membership card. If a borrowed item is not returned, the cost of replacing the item will be placed directly onto the cardholder's account.

Why can't you look patrons up when they forget their cards?

Due to patrons potentially having multiple accounts on our system (student/membership/staff) we require all patrons to have their valid student ID card or valid CKHS membership card. In addition to system requirements, manually searching for patrons is time consuming and inefficient.

How can I see the schedule for the gymnasiums?

You can check online for facility availability by going to and selecting Facilities Information and then Search.

Where is the pool?

The Aquatics Centre is located in the east wing of the Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport (CKHS) across from the Facilities Services Centre. The pool is accessible through each of the public change/locker areas. To view the pool, there is an observation deck on the second floor of the east wing of the CKHS.

When is open swim time?

Please check the U of R Aquatics page for all public swim times.

What is the process to go swimming during open swim times?

The Facilities Services Centre will provide you with a pool token upon the presentation of a valid student ID card or pool membership card. Pool tokens will not be presented without a valid card. If you do not have a pool membership or valid student ID card, you may purchase a single pool token from the Facilities Services Centre for $4.00.