Shanthi Johnson


Office: CK 164.17
Phone: 306-337-3180
Fax: 306-585-4854

Research interests
Her research program involves health promotion and falls prevention among older adults with a multidisciplinary perspective. In general, her research is community engaged as well as program and policy relevant. Specifically, she has been examining the role of nutrition and exercise interventions in improving functional capacity and preventing falls in seniors in community and long-term care settings. Her research interest also extends to the cross-cultural study of aging, health beliefs and practices related to chronic diseases such as osteoporosis. While aging and health has been the main focus of her research, she has espoused a life course perspective and has worked with several age groups and she has been involved in research in the areas of population health, rural health, health services research, and global health.

Recent Publications

Johnson, C.S., Abonyi, S., Jeffery, B., et al. (in press). Recommendations for Action on the Social Determinants of Health - A Canadian Perspective. Lancet.

Johnson, C.S. & Sacks, G. (in press). Nutrition in Aging. Editors: H. Fillit, K. Rockwood, & K. Woodhouse. The Brocklehurst's Textbook on Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology (7th edition), Elsevier: PA.

McLeod, K.M. & Johnson, C.S. (in press). Identifying Women with Low Bone Mass: A Systematic Review of Screening Tools. Geriatric Nursing.

Johnson, C.S., Nasser, R., Banow, T., Cockburn, T., Voegeli, L., Wilson, O., & Coleman, J. (in press). Oral Nutrition Supplementation Practice for the Elderly in Long Term Care Facilities. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research.

Scott, V., Johnson, C.S., Kozak, J. & Gallaghar, E. (2008). A Study of Falls in Long-term Care and the Role of Physicians in Multidisciplinary Evidence-Based Prevention. Geriatrics and Aging, 11(7), 395-400.