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How to Register

Only full and/or part time registered U of R students are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program. 

***ALL intramural participants must create an account on using ONLY their,, or e-mail address.***

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How to Sign up for intramurals! ( Quick guide)

  1. Go to and create an account using only your University of Regina or SIAST email
    1. The email must end in,, or Please see FAQ below if you are having problems with this step.
  2. After you have created an account, a confirmation email will be sent to your uregina email address. Check that email and confirm your account by clicking the link provided
  3. Click “Create or join a team”  from the home page of imleagues once signed in.
  4. Choose the league you wish to join
  5. To join a team scroll through the list of teams and click “join”A message will be sent to the team captain asking to join the team

How to Sign up for intramurals! ( Extended guide)

Registering a Team: To register a team go to select the sport you wish to enter a team for, click "+Create a Team" and fill out the information to submit a team. Once you have submitted your team, you will be put on the waitlist until we receive a payment at the Recreation and Athletic Services Office (RAS Office) at CK 170. Once the payment has been received your team will clear the waitlist. PLEASE NOTE: Leagues do require a minimum number of players to be able to play, teams must meet the minimum amount of players to be accepted into the leagues.
Note: Participants many only play on one team per sport. THE TEAM CAPTAIN MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESS (THAT THEY CHECK REGULARLY) AND A WORKING CELL PHONE NUMBER! (Please see the Guide to IM Leagues for more information on why we need a cell phone number)

One team representative must attend the Captain's Meeting prior to league play or the team will not be included on the league schedule. This is very important this year! Since we are using a new method of registration there MUST be a captain or team representitive present at the captains meeting. Even if your team is on a waitlist at the time of the Captains meeting, you should still attend the meeting. If a team misses the Captains Meeting and a waitlisted team attends, the waitlisted team will make the league in place of the team that missed the meeting! Team Captain information packages will be distributed at that time.
Joining a Team: If you have made arrangements with a team captain to play on their team for that season, you must go to and find the tab in the top right hand corner of the page, highlighted orange reading "Player Signup." Click on "join a team" and a list of all our leagues will show up. Scroll through the leagues and find the one you wish to join, then find the team and a request will be sent to the captain. Once you have registered as a free agent, you must send a request to the team you wish to join. The Captain will then need to accept your request to join the team. NOTE: If you are joining a team, an individual player fee is NOT required, you will make arrangements with the team captain to pay your share of the team fee.
Registering as an Individual: If you are unable to form a team, you can register as a "Free Agent" at click on the sport you wish to register for, and then click "+Join as Free Agent." After you fill out the required information team captains will be able to pick up players if needed. Free Agents will also be able to request to join a team. Rec Services does not guarantee that we can place you on a team, but we will try our best! NOTE: If you do not have a team to join prior to the league starting, an individual player fee will be required if we place you on a team.
For a more complete and detailed Guide To IM Leagues, please click here.

Note: Payment options for Intramural Sports:All payment options, except for personal cheques, will be accepted ( i.e.  cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard and Amex).


You have to have to use your,, or email to sign up for intramurals. If you need help with your account, see the questions below.

  1. I don’t know my email address. 
  2. I don’t know my email password.
    1. Visit
  3. I have changed your password and can’t remember it.
    1. Contact IT services at (306) 585-4685 or
    2. I know my email but the confirmation email isn’t showing up in the inbox.
        1. Check your junk or spam folders, including the account that your university email may be forwarded to.
        2. Your email may be set to forward to another email account. Visit here and see where it is forwarding too.
    3. If none of the previous responses help, contact IT services at (306) 585-4685 or
    4. If IT support can’t help you, come visit us in CKHS 171 and we will be happy to help.