Honours Programs

The goal of the Honours program is to provide experience conducting independent research. At the end of the honours program you will have written and defended a research based thesis. The program allows you to earn credit for research based work.

Through the honours program you will

  • make new discoveries
  • apply the knowledge you learn in lectures
  • discover if a career in research is for you
  • work in an environment that promotes independence
  • participate in research that interest you
  • work in an intellectually stimulating and dynamic environment
  • gain a competitive advantage for future employment
  • gain a competitive advantage for entrance into graduate school and professional programs

To enter the Honours program you must

  • complete 6 semesters of courses with a minimum average of 70% in all courses taken and a minimum average of 75% in all Biology courses and required cognate courses
  • find a faculty member or an associate member to supervise your research project
  • apply one month before the end of the sixth semester using this Honours Application Form

To graduate with a BSc Honours in Biology you must

  • complete the same total credit hours as the BSc but take three additional biology courses (9 credit hours) - two of the additional courses must be BIOL 498 and BIOL 499 (independent research)
  • have an overall average of at least 70%, and an average of least 75% in your biology courses and required cognate courses (non-Biology Science courses required as part of the degree program)

  • For more information please see our honours program guide, or e-mail the Honours Coordinator, Richard Manzon.