Funding Opportunities

Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships

University of Regina students have access to numerous awards, bursaries and scholarships. Check this online search for awards by various criteria, including students with disabilities. The site lists summaries of the awards along with information on how to apply.

  • Disability Awards - This website was created to help post-secondary students with disabilities search hundreds of scholarships available across Canada.

Government Grants and Loans

Students with permanent disabilities are eligible to access all student loan and grant programs. There are also some features of the Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loan program specifically for students with permanent disabilities, as well as other supports available to all students that may be of interest to you.

  • If you are a student with a permanent disability who is eligible for student loans, you will be eligible to receive the Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities. You will be automatically considered for this grant in your student loan application. This grant provides $4,000 per school year to assist with educational or living costs.

  • If you are a student with a permanent disability enrolled in a program at a post-secondary educational institution, you may be eligible to receive the Canada-Saskatchewan Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities. This grant provides up to $22,000 per program year. This includes up to $20,000 for the Canada Grant and up to $2,000 for the Saskatchewan Grant. Examples of eligible services and equipment include: tutors, interpreters, computer software, and specialized transportation.

  • If you are a student with a permanent disability, you may take a reduced course load and be eligible for loans and grants for a longer academic period.

Student Accessibility can assist with disability-related educational funding applications only. We cannot assist with student loan applications. Please book an appointment with an Accessibility Advisor to discuss funding options.