Lifelong learning matters.

Personal Interest

A group of adults chatting and smiling together.
Learn for you! Learn what you want without the pressure of assignments and exams.

Explore new spaces and places, increase your fitness levels or learn a brand new skill as you engage with others who share similar passions, hobbies and curiosity.
A group of adults in a fitness class together.

Explore Your Interests

Find your new favourite hobby.

Helping you explore new interests and meet new friends since 1977. Personal interest courses at Continuing Education are open to all, regardless of previous education or age. Explore what interests you in a casual, friendly place with others and an instructor who is passionate about sharing their knowledge. 

Technology & Computing

Explore your digital world with confidence. Get up to speed as you learn tips and tricks to navigate even the latest technology.

Explore Your World

Experience everything from your own backyard to every corner of the universe. Gain a new perspective as you uncover hidden histories of local architecture, dive into current events and challenge your geographical imagination.

Fitness & Wellness

Exercise your body and your mind! Reap the benefits of physical activity as you improve your strength, flexibility and more. Gain important tools and knowledge on your path towards good health.

Home & Lifestyle

Spice up your home, yard and life! Make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood, discover your new favourite wine and more.

Language & Culture

You're never too old to learn a new language. Expand your perspective and enhance your next travel adventure by learning the local language – you'll be happy you did.

Music & the Arts

Unleash your creativity! Gain a new appreciation for the arts as you take to the stage or watch from the audience. Explore different art forms, delve into history or discover a new talent.

Writing & Literature

Calling all book worms and closet novelists! Do you have a goal to enhance your writing? Are you suffering from writer's block? Or, did you just read a book you couldn't put down and need to discuss it? We have courses for you.

Program Spotlight

Swirl, smell and sip with our Certified Wine Specialist, Greg Harasen.

"Wine is supposed to be enjoyable; it’s supposed to be fun and it’s supposed to make a meal better. I just hope that people who like wine will feel confident to go out and explore different types to increase their enjoyment.” 

Pop the cork and discover your new favourite wine!

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