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Human Resource Management (HRM)

People are the greatest asset of any business or organization. Human resource professionals focus on understanding what motivates people and how to work with them to help the business succeed.

If you are interested in a career where you empower people to achieve greater things together, then the human resource management major at the Paul J. Hill School of Business in Saskatchewan is the place to start.

Human resource professionals delve into the fields of management and psychology to learn about what drives human behaviour to better recruit, select, train, and motivate employees and improve an organization’s performance.

As a human resource management major at the Hill School, you will learn about group dynamics, leadership, organizational culture, negotiations and how to align HR functions with business strategy to achieve organizational objectives.

Human Resource Management Major Requirements

As a business student majoring in human resource management, you will complete the core requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree in addition to five required HR courses.

Your human resource management program includes foundational courses that will develop your understanding of how people and groups function within organizational settings.

From there, you will take more specialized courses in staffing, training and development, compensation, occupational health and safety, conflict resolution and strategic human resource management.

Microcredential Certificate Options

Specialize your education and career with our five-course business certificates:

These certificates are open to business and non-business students and can be added to any U of R degree!

What Is Business Administration?

Business administration encompasses all elements relating to the management and operations of private, government and not-for-profit organizations in Canada and around the world. A bachelor degree in business administration prepares you to understand the inner-workings of organizations from all angles, including, but not limited to:

  • Fundamentals necessary to start your own company and/or assist a business start-up in achieving its goals,
  • Building and managing effective employee relationships,
  • Managing finances and making investment decisions,
  • Establishing a successful brand,
  • Preparing budgets, controlling costs, and maintaining financial records,
  • … and much more!

Business Administration Meet Your Faculty

Quick Facts

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a Major in Human Resource Management
Length: 4 years
Offered Through: University of Regina
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Meet Hill BBA Student Azba

Why Study at the Hill School of Business?

At the Hill School of Business there is a lot more to the university experience than just what you learn inside the classroom.

Our programs are designed to prepare you for a successful and progressive career in business as a responsible leader who creates positive social change.

Our experiential learning approach:

  • Builds connections between business and community,
  • Teaches you to think critically,
  • Creates networking opportunities,
  • Improves your leadership abilities, and
  • Helps you exceed your potential.
If I were to travel back in time to September 2016 to my first Business class, I truly don’t think I would recognize myself. My four years at the Paul J. Hill School of Business drastically changed me for the better. I entered the program as a hesitant, shy student in my first year, and became one of the most heavily involved student leaders in my final year.
Aubrie Houk ’20
Bachelor of Business Administration, Human Resource Management Major
Human Resources & Operations Manager, Economic Development Regina

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there study abroad opportunities?

Yes! We have 450 agreements with universities spread across 70 different nations. We also offer a number of international business opportunities (that you can take advantage of both internationally and here at home). These experiences can result in an International Designation on your degree. Find out more by following the links below:


What about opportunities for law school?
You can be considered for one year of transfer credit if you are admitted to an accredited law school upon completion of three years of U of R’s Business Administration program. You can complete your remaining business requirements while attending your first year of law school. Earn two degrees in less time than if they were taken separately!


What Can You Do With a Business Administration Degree With a Major in Human Resource Management?

You are a people person. Aid in recruiting, managing, and developing an organization’s greatest asset – their people.

A business degree with a major in human resource management allows you to pursue many career paths as well as graduate studies including the Levene Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM).

Graduates of the bachelor’s degree program with a major in human resource management find careers such as these:

  • Human resource managers/specialists
  • Job analysts
  • Labour relations specialists/directors
  • Occupational health and safety specialists
  • Payroll and compensation administrators
  • Recruiters
  • Talent managers
  • Staffing managers
  • Training and development managers

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