Welcome to the Department of Justice Studies

The Department of Justice Studies is home to two distinct undergraduate programs:  the Bachelor of Human Justice, and the Bachelor of Arts in Police Studies. At the graduate level we offer two Master of Arts programs:  Justice Studies and Police Studies. We invite you to follow the links above and learn more about these innovative and exciting programs that prepare students for a wide variety of careers in the justice field.

Justice Studies' courses draw upon various academic disciplines such as anthropology, criminology, economics, geography, history, law, psychology, religious studies, and sociology integrating criminal, restorative and legal justice, and importantly social justice and human rights.

Students have the opportunity to prepare for justice careers as pre-service professionals applying their knowledge, skills and attitudes at community, provincial, national and international levels with police services, restorative justice programs, correctional facilities, probation and parole services, human rights organizations, social services, and advocacy organizations with government and community-based organizations.  This aspect of our programs emphasizes the value of integrating theory in practice and is realised, in part, through "learning by doing".

Human Justice students complete two practicum placements in justice organisations where they gain valuable professional knowledge, skills and attitudes that will afford them a solid foundation in their chosed justice careers.  During the final year of the Police Studies program, for those students interested in entering a police service, a practicum is part of the on-the-jb training as a police officer.  Other Police Studies students, who are interested in policing but not necessarily as a police officer, complete a semester-long practicum in a police-oriented setting.