Breastfeeding at the U of R

University of Regina Breastfeeding Position Statement

The University of Regina welcomes breastfeeding parents anywhere on campus. At our University, we recognize the importance of creating a family friendly environment for students, faculty, staff, and the public.  Creating such an environment includes providing support and flexibility for breastfeeding parents as they meet the needs of their children while transitioning back to studies or work. 

The University of Regina expects each department to take reasonable measures to accommodate students, faculty and staff by providing support and flexibility to care for their children.
The needs of parents vary among each other and change over time.  Therefore, creative approaches are supported to meet the provisions recommended below:

  • The U of R takes reasonable measures to accommodate students, faculty, staff and the public who wish to express breastmilk/feed their child while attending, working at, or visiting our University.
  • Quiet breastfeeding children are welcome in lecture theatres, public spaces, seminar rooms, etc.; however, children are not permitted in laboratories or other settings where potential health and safety issues and hazards may be of concern.
  • The University is committed to providing flexibility for students, faculty and staff to take lactation breaks during their day.
  • The number of times a parent needs to feed will be determined by the individual needs of the parent and the age of the child and may vary over time.

Students, faculty and staff must make arrangements for feeding breaks in consultation with their course instructor and/or immediate supervisor.

In addition to children change tables soon to be located in some main floor washrooms across campus, the University is working to establish a “Parenting Room” which will provide access to the following:

  • A clean, hygienic and private area to feed, prepare formula or express breastmilk.
  • A comfortable and cleanable chair.
  • A table to support equipment.
  • Washing facilities for hands and equipment.
  • A change table.
  • An electrical outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the University committing space on campus for breastfeeding parents?

The University’s Breastfeeding and Parenting of Children Working Group conducted research into how post-secondary institutions are supporting breastfeeding parents, and examined current practices and supports in place at the University of Regina. Based on their findings, the group created a position statement outlining the University’s support for breastfeeding parents, and made recommendations to strengthen the support the University of Regina provides including the construction of a dedicated space on campus, and the enhancement of current spaces by increasing amenities such as change tables.

As per Saskatchewan’s Human Rights Code, women are legally entitled to breastfeed in any public space, so why is dedicated space required?

The Working Group recognized that women are legally entitled to breastfeed on campus, but also pointed to that fact that research shows experience and perception can affect breastfeeding duration (e.g.: women may try to ensure public comfort over their own needs or levels of comfort, therefore weaning a child before they are ready or removing themselves from situations). In addition, the Working Group wanted to ensure that a private space for breastfeeding is available to all members of our campus community, along with those who visit campus.

The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for the first six months of life, and continued breastfeeding alongside food for two years of life or beyond. By creating a dedicated space, the University is providing support and flexibility for all breastfeeding parents as they meet the needs of their children while transitioning back to studies or work, or while visiting our campus.

What is included in the dedicated space?

The working group has provided recommendations based on best practices including a clean, hygienic and private area to feed, prepare formula or express breastmilk, and equipment to support this (eg: washing facilities, comfortable chairs, adequate electrical services etc.). The space will welcome parents to pump and/or feed whether the child is present or not.  Outside of the dedicated space, the University welcomes breastfeeding children in lectures theatres, seminar rooms, and public spaces at our campuses.

Who can use the dedicated space?

Faculty, staff and students as well as visitors to campus.

When will the space be ready?

The construction project will be underway shortly; the University will update the campus community as the space becomes available.