Acquisition, MTAs, Importation


Acquisition forms can be found here: Procedures, Forms, and Guidelines external link .


Biological materials can only be ordered or transferred by Principal Investigators and research personnel through UR Stores. Some materials may require additional paperwork to be obtained (e.g, MTAs, licenses, permits, etc.). Please contact the Biosafety Officer or UR Stores for assistance.


Biological materials can only be received through UR Stores. Do not sign for and receive materials in your lab or office space. Some materials may require additional paperwork to be obtained. Please contact the Biosafety Officer or UR Stores for assistance.


Materials Transfer Agreements (MTA) Signing Authorization Policy

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA), for biological materials can affect the ownership and dissemination of research results. The U of R Delegation of Authority, Senior Executive Policy (GOV-010-010external link governs this, so MTA's must be signed by the Vice-President (Research) or designate.

Please contact:

Divyesh Patel
Manager, Research Partnership
Research Office
Phone: 306-337-3293



The importation into and transfer within Canada of biological materials falls under various authorities to ensure that labs/facilities have appropriate infrastructure, permits, certificates, and licenses for the materials to be used and handled.

The following biological materials have specialized requirements/approval for importation:

  • Human and animal pathogens and toxins
  • Human and animal blood and body fluids
  • Animals
  • Animal by-products
  • Animal nucleic acids
  • Strict animal pathogens
  • Aquatic animal pathogens
  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Plant products
  • Plant pathogens/pests

Supply Management Services external link is responsible for managing customs compliance on goods crossing the border. The importation of goods into Canada may require permits, certified infrastructure, and licenses. The Biosafety Officer supports the University in obtaining the required paperwork for biological material imports.