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Information Services Security is committed to supporting the University of Regina's open and secure computing environment.

We provide multiple safeguards to preserve the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of your campus profile under the information security program. However, Information Security is a shared and collective responsibility; University community members should be aware and active participants of the fundamental aspects of Cyber Security.

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New Password Policies - Feb 2018

Effective February 2018, Information Services is pleased to announce a policy update regarding passwords. This new policy documents and specifies a set of security controls for passwords based upon the information sensitivity of IT systems for which the password is used.  The more valuable and sensitive the information being protected, the more stringent the password requirements will be.  The FAQs regarding this new policy can be found at Password Policy FAQ page.

The policy can be viewed at:

This policy applies to all University applications and is applicable to all faculty, staff, students, and affiliates. At a high-level, this policy brings new requirements in terms of password length and construction, frequency of password changes, defined responsibilities, and other controls.   The supporting standards for this policy include:

Password Management Standard passwordstandard: Intended for application and information system users, the standard outlines Low, Medium, and High risk account categories, with corresponding minimum password standards.

Authentication Management Standard authenticationstandard: Directed at application owners and information system administrators, this standard outlines the authentication requirements for for configuring systems and applications to securely manage passwords.  

More information on the two password related standards can be found at the information security standards and policy page.