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2022 Student Abstracts

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Elizabeth Cernigoy Exploring Culture in Parent-Mediated Child Health Knowledge Translation Tools: A Scoping Review

Nancy Conner The Ethics Review Process in Multisite Research: A Survey Study About Work Intensification and Occupational Well-being among Emergency Department Nurses

Ndolo Njie-Mokonya An examination of the preceptor/mentor role within clinical practice settings

Helen Okoye Intersecting Social Statuses and Adolescents’ Sexual Health Inequities: Factor Analysis of the HIV and other STI knowledge Measures in the Demographic and Health Survey

Katelyn Sushko Patient-reported benefits and limitations of mobile health technologies for diabetes in pregnancy – A scoping review

Simon Ouellet Development and validation of an instrument to measure the quality of nursing triage in emergency departments

A Shireen Bell Exploring Expressions of Resilience in Undergraduate Nursing Students from BIPOC Communities        

Wing Lam Tock (Jessica) Feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy of the Lymfit intervention to foster motivation towards physical activity among young adult lymphoma survivors: A pilot randomized controlled trial

Mar Estupiñán Fdez. de Mesa Understanding factors driving inequalities among breast cancer patients living at the intersection of social categories:  A transformative mixed methods study     

Rozina Somani Using implementation science to explore the facilitators and barriers of creating a workplace violence reporting system in the context of Pakistan

Laura Buckley Work Environment, Clinician Attitudes, and Outcomes Relationship Evaluation: The WE CARE Study

Julia Fineczko Examining Leadership in Long-Term Care: Structures and Processes to Support the Doctor of Nursing Role

Laura Vogelsang Building Self-Efficacy Using the CareGiVR Virtual Reality Platform: Early Findings from a Mixed-Methods Study    

Adiza Atoko Mumuni Beliefs and Perceptions of Midwives on Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of Hepatitis B in Selected Primary Health Facilities in Ghana

Helen Obilor The development, implementation, and evaluation of a social media-based patient diabetic foot self-management education and support program in Canada: A multimethod feasibility study       

Muneerah Vastani The Perspectives of Global Leaders’ Situated Within the Aga Khan Development Network on the Role of Nurses in Early Childhood Development: An Interpretive Descriptive Study

Collins Atta Poku  Developing an evidence-based adverse event reporting guidelines for the Accident and Emergency Unit

Norma Hilsmann Is the research valid? The impact of an educational video regarding ‘how to quickly critique research’ on BSN students’ critical appraisal self-efficacy

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Joyce B. P. Pwavra Development of a self-care model for children living with sickle cell disease in Ghana        

Veronica Adwoa Agyare Conceptualising Male Involvement in the Wellbeing of Children in Ghana

Manpreet Thandi Using primary care electronic medical record data in British Columbia, Canada to implement an electronic frailty index          

Daisy Baldwin What are the experiences of women who had gestational diabetes and are at risk for or go on to develop coronary artery disease?: A grounded theory research study

Heather Nelson (Mock Defence) Finding Belonging through Traditional Karate for Children from Low-Income Settings: A Grounded Theory

Steve Cairns Seeking Critical Reflexivity in a Doctoral Nursing Journey – Asking Difficult Questions         

Janet Montague Black undergraduate students’ experiences of belonging in nursing education in Canada

Merri Iddrisu Development of Navigation Programme for Breast cancer care for the sociocultural Context of Ghana   

Emily MacLeod Listening to and Learning from the Experiences of Mi’kmaq Women and Two-Spirit Survivors of Sexual Assault Using Narrative Inquiry: PhD Thesis Proposal

Ghazal Mousavian Exploring The Experiences and Perspectives of Service Providers Involved in Child Apprehensions on Mothers with Problematic Substance Use in Saskatchewan

Olabisi Oyelana Crossing Borders: A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of International Graduate Nursing Students

Uchechi C. Opara Cultural Beliefs and Practices that Influence Women’s Use of Maternal Health Services in Nigeria        

Seynab Sougal Parents' narrative about the ADHD diagnosis and its psychostimulant medication.: Socio-cultural issues and Ontario's minority Francophonie

Friday, June 3, 2022

Julie Cooke Nurse educators’ experiences of preparing and supporting nursing students for clinical placements in nursing homes: Preliminary results from an IPA study           

Sobia Idrees Exploring Students and Instructors’ Perspectives on Written Feedback: State of Science and a Qualitative Inquiry in Canada & Pakistan

Laura A. Killam  Learner-Educator Co-Creation in Health Care Higher Education: A PhD Project Proposal Examining Definitions and Experiences

Crystal Jardine-Garvey Understanding the Role of Intersectionality in the Student Nurse Bullying Experience

Vicki Charski Using Integrated Knowledge Translation to Engage Key Stakeholders to Create a Framework to Guide Public Health Nurse Actions to Support Children Who are Experiencing Poverty to Be Ready for School 

Karen Kennedy Improving Sexual Violence Reporting in Higher Education Institutions

Amanda Ruck Northern Nurses’ Perceptions of and Roles in Substance Use Related Harm Reduction

Samantha Louie-Poon Disrupting racism: an analysis into the theoretical foundation of the nursing discipline

Rachel Campbell Evaluating emergency obstetric care education and training in a remote area of Myanmar: a qualitative study            

Pumla Princess Mugerwa A framework for the integration of patient safety education into the basic nursing curricula at a public college in South Africa

2021 Student Abstracts

Monday, May 31, 2021

Millicent Aarah-Bapuah: Development of a Guideline for Primary Healthcare Providers to Integrate Child Mental Healthcare Services Into Primary Healthcare Practice

Nasrin Alostaz: An Interpretive Description of Registered Nurses’ Experiences as Preceptors for Newly Hired Registered Nurses in Acute Pediatric Clinical Settings

Nasrin Alostaz: What are the Experiences of Newcomers Internationally Educated Nurses’ (IENs’) of Credential Evaluation, International Transferring, and Entry-to-Practice Registration in Ontario During COVID-19 Pandemic? An Interpretive Descriptive Study

Suzanne Braithwaite: Examining Attributes of the Nursing Care Organizational and Nursing Contributions to Well-child Care: A Research Proposal

Julie Cooke: Learning from nursing students’ experiences and perceptions of their clinical placements in nursing homes: an integrative literature review

Kylie Teggert: Addressing Hematologic Cancer Symptom Burden: The Co-Design of a Knowledge Translation Intervention to Support Symptom Management Guideline Use Among Outpatient Oncology Nurses

Ruth Walker: Interprofessional Collaboration in Post-Secondary Student Wellness Services: A Multiphase Proposal

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Nancy Conner: Work Intensification and Occupational Well-being: A Moderated Mediation Model of Unfinished Nursing Care and Psychological Capital in Emergency Nursing

Crystal Jardine-Garvey: The Relationship between Bullying and Selected Student Outcomes (Anxiety, Stress, Performance) as Mediated by Self-Efficacy: Testing a Theoretical Model

Laura Killam: Faculty and Student Co-Creation of Virtual Online Simulations: Towards The Development of Critical Consciousness

Laura Killam: The Impact of Replacing a Year-One Undergraduate Nursing Family Assessment Home Visit Clinical Placement with Virtual Simulation on Nursing Student Family Centered Care Competence: A Protocol for A Randomized Controlled Trial

Lin Li: How Do Families of Youth with Medical Complexity Adapt to the Transition to Adulthood? Lessons Learned from a Parent-Engaged Qualitative Case Study

Tanya Sanders: Mapping the Social Relations of Home Care Nursing Work

Amina Silva: Simulation-Based Education Use to Improve the Psychosocial Care Among Breast Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study

Joyce Tsui: Interrogating the medicalization of mental health in higher education: A Foucauldian institutional ethnography project design

Liquaa Wazni: Digital Storytelling-An Innovative Methodology to Promote Voices of People with Psychotic Disorders

Martha Whitfield: An Exploration of Capability in Nurse Practitioner Practice in Primary Care

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Paulina Bleah: Exploring Health Seeking Behaviours of Liberians with Diabetes: A Critical Hermeneutic Study

Josephine Mary Francis Xavier: Fathers In Childbearing Period: A South Asian (Indian) Perspective

Manal Fseifes: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Experiences of Immigrant Women during the Perinatal Period

Julia Hews-Girard: Identifying Clinical Factors Associated with Post-partum Hemorrhage in Women with Inherited Bleeding Disorders (CLIF-PPH): A Population-based Cohort Study of Women in Ontario

Merri Iddrisu: A qualitative study on the physical and psychological effects of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment on young women in Ghanaian

Chantille Isler: Engaging in person-centred mental health nursing care in Newfoundland and Labrador: A mixed-methods study

Margaret Lebold: When the Pressure is On: Navigating the Finalization Process of Dissertation Topic Selection in Nursing

Heather Nelson: The Social and Emotional Benefits and Barriers of Traditional Karate for Children from Low-Income Settings: Research Proposal

Helen Obilor: Diabetic Foot Self-management during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Feasibility of a Social Media-based Program in Canada

Scott Ramsay: Follow-up Patterns and Outcomes of Concussed Children and Youth in British Columbia

Elizabeth Straus: In/Dependence, Technology, and Lives of Value: Preliminary Findings from a Critical Narrative Study with Young Adults Living with Home Mechanical Ventilation

Cornelle Young: Factors influencing the Quality of work life (QWL) of nurse educators teaching at South African universities