Student Resources

In-Depth Video Links

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:58 Tools
00:03:49 Pre-Professional Programs
00:05:35 Science Programs
00:06:52 Science Academic Hub
00:08:00 Academic Standards
00:18:34 Academic Integrity
00:20:50 URegina Email
00:24:50 Registration: When can I register?
00:26:46 Registration: How Many Courses Should I Take?
00:30:09 Registration: What courses should I take?
00:52:18 Math Sequence
00:56:59 Registration: How do I plan my schedule?
00:57:26 UR Self Service Overview
01:11:10 Academic Course Catalogue
01:15:10 Visual Schedule Builder
01:40:31 Adding/Dropping Classes
01:41:50 Holds and Errors


Quick How-To Registration Videos

Getting Started
Selecting Courses
Hold and Errors


Pre-Professional Presentations

Pre-Medicine Presentation
Pre-Dentistry Presentation
Pre-Professional Presentation (Pharmacy, Nutrition, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry etc.)


Explore Science Programs

Biology Program Outlines
Chemistry and Biochemistry Program Outlines
Computer Science Program Outlines
Economics (Science) Program Outlines
Geography (Science) Program Outlines
Geology (Science) Program Outlines
Mathematics and Statistics Program Outlines
Physics Program Outlines


Information regarding AP, IB courses and Transfer Credit

If you feel you may be eligible for transfer credit from another institution, please email with your student ID, the institution you attended and the timeframe during which you attended.  We will ensure that your transcript is in the queue for review.

Please note, evaluating transfer credit can take some time. In the meantime, please choose courses that are different from courses you have taken previously, to minimize the chance of repeat courses, unless you intentionally wish to retake the course content at the University of Regina.  Watch your University of Regina email and UR Self-Service for updates concerning your transfer credit.


Important Links

Academic Calendar
Academic Course Catalogue
Campus Resources
Future and New Students Website
Grading System
Instructional Video for Visual Schedule Builder
Math Diagnostics Tests
Registrar’s Office Registration and Withdrawal Page
Science Academic Hub Handbook
U of R Photo ID & UPass