Leona Anderson

Professor Emeritus; Sessional Lecturer
PhD (McMaster University)

E-mail: leona.anderson@uregina.ca

Research interests

  • Sanskrit
  • Religion in India, Cuba, and China
  • Ritual and Iconography
  • Gender
  • Popular Culture

My research interests include Sanskrit literature, classical and popular religions of India, Hindu ritual and iconography, South Asian Art History, Popular Religious Movements, Cultural Studies, Ritual Studies, Gender Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, New Religions in North America, History of India, Visual Culture, popular deities in China and their ritual worship (particularly Guanyin), and popular religions, popular deities, and ritual expressions in Cuba (particularly those of Santería and Espiritismo.

My current research focuses on popular visual culture in three very different locations: 1) India: I am working on a video documentary on the Ashtavinayakas near Pune. 2) Ritual images and ritual image worship in popular Cuban religion. I am writing an essay on the image of la Virgen de Regla in Havana and making documentary videotapes on the Orishas of Cuba, Espiritismo in Havana and the ritual worship of San Lazaro. 3) Popular religious images in Yunnan and their ritual worship. I am writing an essay in collaboration with Guoxian Xie on an image of Guanyin in Dali, Yunnan, China. There is a gender component in each of these projects.

Books/documentary films

  • 2008   Director and Producer.  The Orishas of Cuba, DVD Documentary (17mins) .  Cumander Productions
  • 2004   Co-editor and contributor (with Pam Dickey-Young), Women in World Religions. Oxford University press. (NEW EDITION FORTHCOMING IN 2010)
  • 1998   Director and Producer.  The Ganesh Festival.  A documentary of theHindu Festival of Ganesh in Pune, India.   51 mins. Colour videodocumentary  (DVD) (Anderson/Will/Anderson). Re-edited: 2006
  • 1994   The Vasantotsava: Indian Spring Festival, Texts and Contexts. New Delhi:DK Printworld.
  • 1993   Director and Producer. The Ganesh Festival:  A documentary of the Hindu Festival of Ganesh in Pune, India.   51 mins. Colour video documentary  (VHS) (Anderson/Will Anderson)
  • 1992   Director and Producer.  Kumbh Mela. Color, 15 mins.  VHS(Anderson/Will/Anderson).  A documentary of the Kumbh Mela festival in Trimbakesvar, India.  Selected for previewing in the category of short documentary at the Ohio International Film Festival, Athens University, Athens, Ohio.


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  • 2005   Entry: "Hinduism in India" and "Islam in India" in Thomas Riggs, Editor.  Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices.  Farmington Hills, Michigan Thomson Gale, 2005.  (ISBN 0787693847)
  • 2004   Co-author (with Dr. Femida Handy.  Volunteering by Immigrants in Ethnic Congregations in Canada: A Stepping Stone to Integration?  Knowledge Development Centre, Canada Volunteerism Initiative. (28 pages)
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