Ian Phillip Brown

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

E-mail: Ian.Brown@uregina.ca
Pronoun(s): he/him

Research interests

  • Early Christianity
  • Graeco-Roman Education
  • Wisdom in Second Temple Judaism
  • Religion in Popular Culture
  • Method and Theory

Ian Brown is a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies. His current project examines how agricultural production and the cultivation of land in ancient Mediterranean culture were transformed into gendered metaphors of virtue, education, and power in early Christian texts. Published work includes discussions of the influence of Greaco-Roman education and Jewish philosophy on the Gospel of Thomas, a study of the theoretical categories of mythmaking and social formation in the study of early Christianity.

“Farm to (school)table: The Cultivation of paideia in the Gospel of Thomas.” In untitled edited volume. Studies in Ancient Religion and Culture. Sheffield: Equinox Publishing, forthcoming.

“Where Indeed Was the Gospel of Thomas Written?: Thomas in Jewish Alexandria.” Journal of Biblical Literature 138: 451-72, 2019

“Mythmaking and Social Formation in the Study of Early Christianity.” Religion Compass. 10: 15-24, 2016.